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ovulation pain

hI just wondering if anyone can tell me why some people get ovulation pains and nausea when they ovulate and others don't. I get head aches nausea and pains in one side every month so I always know exactly when I'm ovulating (you,d think that would make it easier) is it a good thing or does it mean there's a problem ? thank you


  • hi justmarried,

    i suffer similar ovulation issues - pain, heartburn, very emotional - and have been told that doesn't necessarily mean there's an issue.  that's just what my experience has been.  has a doctor told you anything?


  • no I didn't mention it because someone I know told me some people suffer while others don't ?? I think in over analysing because there's nothing they can/will do until I qualify for ivf (another 6-12 months) I'm questioning if I missed any thing when I saw the doctors image I only asked because sometimes it's mild but other times it's crippling just wondered if that is normal ?

    sometime it's constant for hours other times it's stabbing odd pains ? why can't everyone be the same much less guess work lol
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