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Can I join you?

Hi ladies - I've been ttc number 2 for 11 months (so defo not as long as some of you!!) but after having really irregular AFs and the most excruciating AFs that I can't even walk on the first day I went to GP .She found that my womb was enlarged and suspects fibroids or PCOS so I have an ultrasound scan tomorrow morning. I am also having my 21 day bloods ( a bit late due to NY!) on Friday along with some other hormone related tests. Am a bit nervous about the results but also keen to find out if there is anything wrong.

The DR has said it is OK to keep trying so I am on CD 21 - I THINK I ov'd about 5 days ago but am not using OPKs or charting this month. 


  • Hiya hun, I'm not ttc again yet but I have PCOS and just wanted to say if you do have it, there are loads of positive things you can do to help the situation in terms of type of diet and vitamins etc. My hubby has really low sperm count and reduced motility sperm and I was having cycles of over 80 days because of my PCOS, I managed to get my cycles down into the 30 days by making some changes and when we concieved (naturally) it would have been my first perfect 28 day cycle (going on all my scan dates). Fingers crossed your results show nothing is wrong but if you do have PCOS at least you can start researching and have some positive steps you make xx

  • Thanks for your reply Magpie. I am so glad that you managed to conieve your first naturally with PCOS - what a positive story. I know like you say at least if they do find something - whether it is PCOS or something else, at least I can make changes etc. towards helping.

    Thanks again.


  • Thank you, I am hoping we can make number 2 by ourselves too! image I think that is the best way of looking at it, I had my fair share of being angry and depressed at my situation but it was so much better when I decided to put my energy into positive things instead and you feel less helpless then too as you are helping your chances. Its hard before you know what you are dealing with xx

  • Hi guys, hope you dont mind me jumping in here! I too have PCOS and have been TTC for a year now. Been with hubby for 12 years, we're both 29. Sperm count is normal. I do not have a natural AF. After coming off the contraceptive pill I did not have an AF for a year and so started Provera in November to bring on AF and then 50mcg Clomid on CDs 2-6. Unfortunately internal scan showed follicles were only 5mm on CD12                        

    I waited 6 weeks to see if AF started on its own and it didnt. So I've taken Provera again (7 days as last time) and after 5 days of Provera my AF started so I have stopped taking it now and have been told to double Clomid dose (100mcg) for CDs 2-6.

    So I am due to start round 2 of Clomid tomorrow and my scan on 14th Jan will show whether or not the up'd doseage has worked!

    Am feeling positive for now, but I know that if the scan on 14th shows that Clomid was unsucessful again, I will be disppointed and find it hard to stay positive. I just feel like a failure and that I'm letting my husband down. It was awful having to tell him last time that it had'nt worked.

    We're at the age where lots of friends have babies and are pregnant. As we're both 30 this year and have been together 12 years, lots of people ask why we arent starting a family yet and when we plan to have children. I have learnt that I will NEVER ask anyone about TTC as it is really upsetting being asked all the time. Some people are close enough that I explain our issues, but they then feel awful for what they've innocently asked! Sometimes I just say, oh one day hopefully and leave it at that, other times I have to change subject through fear of breaking down in a crying mess!

    I'm wishing you all lots of luck in your ttc journey. For me, its the unknown of whether we will ever be able to have our own baby and how long we could be on this emotional roller coaster.


  • THank you again ladies. Sorry that you are having a hard time getting pg PCOSchick. I must have had these problems all my life but i was luky i guess cos I was on the pill for most of my life, then got pg 3 months after oming off the pill. It's only now that i've been off the pill and trying for so long that the symptoms have reared themselves.

    Just got bak from the scan and the sonographer said it looked like my ovaries were indeed polycystic. He did a transvaginal exam and the final results will be at my GP in a week. I also have blood tests on Friday so will gt the results altogether and they will hopefully paint a fairly full picture so we know what to do next.

    Would I get referred to a specialist if it is PCOS or is it managed by the GP? 

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