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Hey, my hubby and I have a 3 year old daughter and Im back ttc number 2, however we have been trying for 2 years with no luck at all image with our daughter, I fell pregnant very quickly so I foolishly thought that conceiving baby number 2 would be just as straight forward. We have both been tested and hubby's sperm has low motility. We don't qualify fr ivf because we already have one child. It's beginning to feel like its not going to happen for us, trying to keep positive but its hard when you want a child so badly.. I though maybe by coming back to the forum I can remind myself that I'm not the only one struggling. Baby dust to all.....


  • Hi, our situation sounds very similar to yours except that we also stuggled to concieve first time round - eventally managed with help from clomid.  When trying for number 2 we also didnt qualify for free IVF so after 3 years of trying, we paid for it ourselves £4.5k.  It failed as they discovered a problem with my eggs which nobody knew about in advance.  If they had done ICSI, things might have been different.  By that time i had developed a liver problem so any future rounds of IVF were put on hold.  However, by some miricle two months after our failed IVF i fell pregnant and i'm currently 19 weeks gone.  Got 20 week scan on 9th January so fingers crossed all is well.  Good luck to you and i hope you dont have to get as far as self funding IVF.

  • Hello ladies.

    Amy-I also have a child, he will be 6 next month. DH and I have been trying since we miscarried in early 2009. I tried clomid for a few cycles, Inositol and choline for a little bit but nothing has helped. I just started metformin 1500mg about 3 weeks ago and I still havent started a cycle but when I do I will use clomid. Ive read a lot about these two meds together and we also cannot afford IVF so this is our last hope. Maybe you could talk to your doctor about letting you try this, it seems like an amazing drug for women who struggle with infertility. Its suppose to regulate

    everything and boost chances for conception.

    Kriglag-Congrats on your pregnancy. I hope to have some good luck within the next 3 months Have a happy healthy pregnancy image
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