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Clomid buddy?

Hi all, we have been ttc since June 2011 and I am due to start Clomid when my next period begins. I have never tried it before and we are hoping for our first! Really hoping 2013 is lucky for us!

Jo x



  • Hi joey I am due to start clomid once AF arrives too. Has yours arrived yet., xx
  • Hello ladies, I just started my second round of clomid this month. 50 mg's again days 3-7. My hubby had a sperm analysis done which was good and I had a progesterone test done and my levels are low. Although this first month of clomid on my day 21 progesteone test i read 28.95 which my doctor was inpressed with. We tried a year and a half on our own. The doctor decided clomid was our next option. I do ovulate every month on my own though. My periods are every 27 days and I get a positive on an opk on cycle day 13 every month. I am glad to finally have found some other women. I did have horrible side effects. Hot flashes, headaches, fatique. Hoping the second round works this time.
  • hey ladies sorry not being rude! we have decided to not go down the clomid route at the moment. Fingers crossed for you all : )

    Jo x

  • Hello im on my first cycle of 50mg of clomid, took it days 5-9 and now on day 14 awaiting ovulaion. Im worried im not going to this month because i usually have 20-26 day cycles. Me and my husband have been trying almost 2 years now and the doctor finally told me i should see a specialist. I made an appoitment and within 20 mins of being there the doctor told me i dont ovulate but he still need me to take a blood test. Blood test came back and confirmed what the dr said. Next appointment i brought in my charts that showed i havent ovulated the entire time i have charted(basal temp since august). He prescribed me premarin for 10 days to boost estrogen and then progesterone to help start my period. So now im just taking my ovulation tests every morning and every night and hope i get the smiley. Baby Dust too all.

  • hey babydustplease. i am on my second cycle of clomid of 50mg and i am hopeful that it will work! me and my bf have been ttc for 17 month now with no luck, i think that you have to sometimes push your doctors to get what you need and want... i hope that you have the luck and catch on soon xx

  • hey babydustplease x

    i agree with my friend leanne, think sometimes you do need to push your doctors x

    i was in a similar situation, i havent ovulated for nearly 5 years since i had my son, my first round on clomid last month i ovulated for the first time and got a result if 54! wich is aparently an indicator a few strong eggs were released so have faith thexlomid may work for you same as me, i hope it does x

    me and leanne chat on a thread called "NEW, clomid advice?" where there are a few lovely ladies all going through the same thing if you want to join us or have a look through our posts to see how wev got on with clomid so far x

    good luck to you hope it works xx
  • I am now on my fourth round. I have not posted on here since my last post at round two. Good luck ladies.
  • i was only thinking of you today danielle, how are you? hope your well and keeping positive xx

  • Thank you Leanne and Kellx i think i will give him a call and see what he has to say about it. I havent gone in for any fallow ups since he perscribed me clomid and i was under the understanding that i would be going in for something, even if just a check up. BabyDust!

  • they dont usualy bring you back i dont think, iv to go back the end if june once my last months clomid is finnished x it can be frustrating and a bit daunting especialy if rhe side effects etc havent been explained to you, i wasnt told anything, just given the prescription and off i went but i had researched clomid for months and had to dight to get it x doctors really can be difficult at times!x
  • Yeah they did the same with me, gave me clomid and was told to go back in 4 months, Which will make it may. I think that all the doctors and hospitals are all different xx
  • Mine only gave me one dose and I just assume he wants me to come back in when (and if) I start my period.
  • hopefuly it does work first time babydustplease id it doesnt its good that hes brinfinf you back after a month as he could then up the dosage straight away instead of having to wait the 3 months like us lol x

    iv been reading up about icsi as my consultant said this would be an option (think id need to pay tho) as aparently its the best option if the male has sperm issues .. seems quite a far strech to go tho only 35% chance with that so hopinf rhe clomid works soon x
  • It's so hard to get the right advice etc... They gave me 3 months worth then my GP told me if it hasn't worked by then to go back and see her but I am hoping that it will work either this cycle or next! Hopefully this cycle just doesn't seem like it's ever going to happen image xx
  • That's strange, my doctor said more than 4 months of any dose on clomid is dangerous. As for the upped dose thing I guess there are some benefits when seeing the cheapest doctor in town. Fingers crossed for positives and baby dust to you all.
  • i was told that i couldnt have anymore than 6 months image i guess doctors are all different! xx

  • i wasnt told a time limit of how many months i could get x

    looked into ivf and isci tonight, not eligable for nhs funding so it would cost us over 5thousand just for one go, not including any other tests theyd want to do, was prittt gutted reading that as if clomid doesnt work then ivf would be our onlt option plus for women under 35 only have a 32% chance of it working which isnt good odds for the money u pay!x
  • They told me that I couldn't have anymore than 6 months as it could course a high risk of cirvical cancer. That's what the hospital told me, it's odd that there all different. I'm just sat in the doctors waiting for my blood test :-/. How are you Kellx? I know that's the thing with ivf it's not cheap and it might now work I'm so hoping that this clomid works. Matt seems to think that it will I just wish I had his positivity! Xx
  • i know all docs seem to be different they really all should be giving the same information to everyone x

    im okay this morning just tired still not geting much sleep, my mums.took nursery for me aswell since i still cant drive im going insane doing nothing day and night lol!x

    good luck with your blood test!

    i had a sudden good feeling come ovee me last night thinking about clonid but dont want to get my hopes up x
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