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NEW, Clomid advice?

Hi ladies! Im new here so not too clued up on wording but heres my story.. Im 24, partner is 27. I have a 4 & half year old little boy from previous relationship, been ttc with partner for 2 years. Tests show he has low sperm count but i havent ov since my son was born & left tube is blocked so doc has prescribed clomid, imnexcited but anxious to start it dont want to pin my hopes on it any advce would be appreciated x Thanks Kell x


  • hello kellx.

    i am also due to start clomid next week, cd's 5-9, so i will be interested in seeing what advice will show up here.  i have been on other drugs in the past, letrozole for instance, but have never been on clomid.  i have my concerns, of course, as i have been ttc for a long time now, but we have to trust in the experts, right?  i'll see what this does for me....

  • Hey QnBee x

    Ohh have u? Iv never been put on any other drugs as i always got a period and were very regular to the point i could pinpoint it to the hour, i just hadnt ovulated but since i got the laparoscopy done back in june my periods have been all over the place its so frustrating!

    Yes i also have my worries but as you say need to trust the doctors x my main worry is if i have an ectopic pregnancy and loose a tube then thats me as i cant afford ivf image x

    Im also hoping to start clomid next week, just a waiting game for mother nature ! image
  • yes the costs of ivf can be prohibitive!

    i have had two rounds of iui, and had letrozole, gonal-f (i think?) and ovidrel....others, i'm sure.  i was also very regular, but they do the iui here mostly with drug assistance.  so i'm hoping that a round of the good old fashioned way, image, with the assistance of clomid might be the trick.  achy today, so i figure the clomid will start c. next friday.  here's to hoping!                          

  • Definately for the cost of ivf and theres no garentee it will work!

    Thats lots, did all the medication have bad side effects?

    Yeah im hoping for the same aswell but what im not sure on (might be tmi) is when yo have sex once you take it? Iv to take mine day 2-7 .. how would you then determine when youd be due to ovulate? I have ovulating kits so was just going to keep testing.

    Good news.. think mother nature has called tonght! So plan on starting clomid on saturday image x
  • good luck.

    i would assume that you do your ov testing the same as you would without.  just a recommendation....they do have clomid ovulation calendars online, but i don't know how dependable they are.  start testing early, and keep going until you get a positive, i guess. maybe go with the age-old recommendation that you just have sex every other day?

    keep us up to date...  image

  • Thank you image

    I'll have a look online see if i can see x because iv not ovulated since having my son i dont even have a rough idea when itd be, just need to have fun trying image yeah il keep you posted, quick question....

    If you start your period for example tonight at 11pm and you are to start your clomid on day 2 of your cycle would you say saturday would be day 2 or would u count tonight as number 1 and start it tomorrow?

    Id say saturday but want to make sure i get it correct x
  • hey,

    they say the first full day is day 1.  so, you're correct, and friday would be day 1.

    good luck, and do tell about any side effects so i know what i'm getting into!  thanks.

  • Hello ladies, I just started my third round of clomid this month. My hubby had a sperm analysis done which was good and I had a progesterone test done and my levels are low. Although the first month of clomid on my day 21 progesteone test i read 28.95 which my doctor was inpressed with. We tried a year and a half on our own. The doctor decided clomid was our next option. I do ovulate every month on my own though. My periods are every 27 days and I get a positive on an opk on cycle day 13 every month. I am glad to finally have found some other women who I can relate to. I did have horrible side effects. Hot flashes, headaches, fatique. Hoping the third round works this...
  • I have just finished my first month on clomid so we will see how it works for me. I don't have any children so I really want one. Me an my partner have been trying for 16 month on our own. My tubes and everything are fine, his sperm count is great I'm just not ovulating. So fingers crossed it works xx
  • I will keep u posted QnBee x

    Danielle my doc had never told me my levels or anything when i got my bloods dome he just tells me every month i dont ovulate x i had a laparoscopy done back in june since then my periods are away up in the 42-46 days range and nowhere mear regular but before i had it done i was really regular its so frustrating! Hope it works for u this time x has the doc told u what ur next step would be if it doesnt?x

    Hey danielle im the same with ovulation so know how annoying and upsetting it can be, with one of my tubes being blocked and partners sperm being low aswell adfs to the frustration x how did u feel on clomid? Im going to take mine tomorrow night and hopefully sleep off most of the side eftects (if any) x

    Really hope you have joy with it hun!xx
  • 3rd one is suposed to say leanne sorry image xx
  • I have taken mine on a evening and I haven't been to bad. There was one night I woke up feeling dizzy but nothing to bad. My periods are all over one month I was at 46 days then it went down to 36 then up to 46. Then last one was 30 days!! Can't remember the last time I had a cycle like that. It's been very upsetting for me but I know that I have to stay positive about it all. And so do all of you lovely ladies! Xx
  • Yeah iv been reading alot of ladies saying its best to take it at night, this may sound strange but before you took it for the first time did u get a pannicky feeling at all? Feeling a bit nervous i think its because i know it may actually be possible now whereas before i knew nothing was helping me x

    Mine are the same the last few months they go to different days each month its so frustrating hopefully the clomid atleast helps.make them regular enough and to produce eggs x

    When are you due to test?

    Hope u get that positive little line xx
  • Yeah I'm scared. It's like putting a time on getting pregnant, I'm a little nervous about it all but in a good way! Not sure when I'm due to test I'm just gonna wait and see if I come on or not. Depending on how long this cycle is. I'm having some more blood test next month to see if I have ovulated but I have to have 3 because my periods aren't always the same. I do have a positive feeling about this, but to think I could be pregnant in 6 month is really scary but exciting at the same time! Xx
  • so the general recommendation is to take it at night?  

    i wasn't sure whether i was going to do morning or not.  i have a tendancy to take med's in the morning unless told otherwise.  i'm achy tonight, so i'll likely go on schedule this time around.....  image 

  • I have taken mine at night and not really had any problems with it, but everyone is different. I am a little nervous now to see if it works, I guess ill know in a few week! I seem to think clomid works quite well for a lot of ladies so I have hope it will work for me. I don't tent to have a positive look on things but I have to on this. Xx
  • Kellx- thank you. The doctor said if it don't work this round then I can go up to 100 mgs and come in for mid cycle ultrasounds and a oradel shot.
  • Hey ladies! Took my first clomid today at 11am with food & cant say i feel any different at all? Hope it continues like this image x
  • Glad your not feeling bad with it. If this doesn't work this month I think I'm gonna take it in the morning next time. I must say I do have a good feeling about it. Which is not normal for me image
  • im optimistic about it aswell but dont want to get my hopes up then every month mu period just guts me x

    might sound petty but i had a medium reading last year she said id get pregnant in march,didnt say which year or anything but fingers crossed it hapens! image x

    which cycle are u on with it again leanne?x
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