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blocked tube

hey ladies x does anyone have a blocked tube thats been causing problems ttc? if so how did you overcome it and any sucess stories? loosing my hope a little just need some good stories that it is possible image x


  • Hey there,

    I have a blocked tube and I am now 18 weeks pregnant having conceived naturally. It did take us a long time to conceive (3 years) but I think I also had a hormone problem that was undiagnosed by drs and I had to resort to acupuncture to address this issue. However, the point is that it is still very possible to get pregnant with only one functioning tube. It might take a little longer than some women but I have also heard stories where it only took a matter of months to fall pregnant with only one tube. Don't give up hope x

  • hey bibby

    thank you so much youv gave me some hope! congratulations on your pregnancy x weve been ttc for 2 years now, i have a little boy whos nearly 5 from a previous relationship it was a traumatic birth so they knew itd affect me in someway or another, it happened to completely traumatise my left tube and it wont open again (i had a laparoscopy to diagnose this) i also havent ovulated since i had my son again due to my body going into shock after birth so im now on clomid (first month) im hopeful if i atleast ovulate again i could fall pregnant but know it can still take a long time image x just really getting me down how my body basicly shut down and i camt control it x
  • Thank you. I honestly never thought it would happen and I still can't quite believe it's happening even after I've seen the baby during u/s scan.

    Wow. Your experience sounds awful. No wonder you are feeling so down. It is very frustrating and upsetting when your body won't do what it is supposed to do. I spent too much time crying and getting angry at the way my body was acting and also angry at the drs who wouldn't take me seriously. I repeatedly went to my gp because my hormones and cycles didn't seem "right" only to be told that I was fine (she didn't offer any testing) and that it was "just something your body does". Something felt off and then my cycles became odd- I started spotting for 21 days out of a 28 day cycle, then my periods became irregular (24 to 35 day cycles). I had a laparoscopy too and was diagnosed with a blocked tube (probably because of endometriosis). In the end, no one seemed to want to help me or take it seriously and they just said "Let's move onto IVF now" which obviously devastated me. Anyway, I went to accupuncture and it was amazing. My cycles went back to normal over a number of months and I felt healthier and more relaxed. We did have one cycle of IVF last summer which failed and then just as I was losing all hope I suddenly realised that my af was late. I was so sure that I had just become irregular again that I wouldn't even test until the 36th day of my cycle because I was sure I was just having another long cycle. 

    I think that most areas of our life can be controlled too easily with either money or time, but with fertility and getting pregnant there seems to be no rhyme or reason why it takes some people years and others a few months to get pregnant. Just try and keep your head up and remember that there are so many people out there who also have a blocked tube and go on to have many children. I really hope the clomid works and you get your BFP soon xxx

  • thank you bibby its great that you finaly got it x

    im the same after i had my son i never had a period for 2 years, they waited a ywar before they done blood tests i knew myself i wasnt ovulating but doc didnt test me for that, just everything else so when we began trying and was told o wasnt ovulating i was so angry, if they had just listened to me at the start then i could have possibly been fixed by the time we started trying! doctors can be so dismisive but you know your own body so if you feel you may know the cause they should take it seriously x

    im.hoping the clomid works for me but i need to go in for surgery this month to get my gallbladder removed so im scared itl impact how well the tablets work but i know i need it done i wouldnt be able to handle that pain if i fell pregnant so i need it done before x
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