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Possible implantation

I have been going to a fertility Dr for the past 3 months and last month I was taking famara and ovidrel and it did not take and now this month I took follistim with ovidrel I started on the 2nd with follistim until the 9th then triggered on the 9th with ovidre. We BD the next three days. I started to spot very light on the 16th just a few times that day it did not happen the next but it happen again on the 18th then again this morning. But I forgot to mention that the when I went in on the 9th to get scanned I had three follicles that were suppose to drop. But I'm just wanting to know if this has happen to anyone else I have contacted my doctors office spoke with the nurse there and she did state that it looked promising but hey you never know. I don't take a test until next Tuesday.. Thank you for reading and God Bless to you image
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