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High prolactin levels and under active thyroid

Hi all I have recently been sent for blood tests to determine if I have high prolactin levels. My thyroid is now under control with levothyroxin and I'm having my hsg next Monday. My question is, for those who have had high prolactin levels, and trying to concierge, how was it treated? I'm pretty sure my consultant is going to try me on Chlomid for two months but I was wondering if there is a medication for high prolactin that he may try me on first. I've gone into month 13 of trying and whilst I know this is a short period of time for some, it's starting to take its toll! xx


  • Hi

    i have had hyperprolactinaemia since I was 11 diagnosed at 21. I have A 14 yr old daughter and a new partner of 4 years. We have been ttc for a year. I take caber bowline to reduce prolactin but it makes me feel tired and yucky. I resewrched a herb called agnus castus took this for first 2 weeks of cycle and I became pregnant. I did miscarry, but back on track now with agnus, prolactin is lowest it has ever been and they have said it is as good as clomid but herbal. Though you can't take both! Holland and Barrett stock it! It's taken my prolactin down from 3750 to below 1000. Hope this month it is it! X

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