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symptom spotting in the 2ww



  • Sorry ladies that I've not been on, I've had a lot on. I'm now on CD10 so about a week until I ovulate. Had an appt today with consultant and been put on 100mg of clomid for next month to give me a "boost"

    Joey did AF come? Hopefully not image

    Any other updates ladies? Xxx
  • Hey girls wondered if anyone was still checking this thread. I'm back in the 2 ww. That's exactly a yr we have been trying. Anyone had any good news?? I've been getting all sorts of symptoms, different ones each month which has been a great head screw up! This month I have sore boobs and I got a right shock when I saw my nipples in the mirror lol! They were huge and my boobs were swollen. They went back to normal then the same thing happened the next day. I'm a bit confused but it's prob yet another false alarm. Hope there have been some bfp's on this thread since I last looked. Any news? Xx
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