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I had my first appointment at the hospital today and my BMI is above 30, it's 34 so I need to bring it under 30. I just wondered if the same rule applies to your partner as my hubby is happy the way he is (although his bmi is above 30 he needs to lose weight but I don't want to tell him as it will probably upset him. I feel like just giving up as what is the point if my partner won't support me to lose weight. I've mentioned it before that we need to eat healthy etc and eat the right things but he just won't change.


  • Hi Pinkglitter as long as you work towards getting your bmi below 30 then at least you are increasing your chances! My other half couldn't pack in smoking I was getting annoyed but realised the stress of worrying about it could lower chances of conceiving anyway!! Anyway I relaxed and got off his case and I stopped smoking and left him to it! Now I'm 7/8 weeks pregnant! Good luck : ) xx
  • Hi Nattyc thanks for the reply and congratulations on your pregnancy that's fantastic.

    I think I'm getting stressed out a bit I need to relax. Exactly it's the same as packing in smoking or cutting down on alcohol if someone asks you to cut down or stop you're more likely to do the opposite. I'm just going to give him a break bless him I've been in a right mood all evening and really emotional.

    Ive been doing slim fast and I've lost 8lbs in 2 weeks, haven't been really strict either on it, so hopefully I will have lost more weight in the next 12 weeks when I have my next appointment,fingers crossed x
  • Wow!!!! 8 pounds in 2 weeks, that's fantastic. Well done : )

    Carry on like that and make sure you relax!

    If you do I have a good feeling Pinkglitter3 will be in the expectant mommie section : )

    Good luck I pray you continue doing so well xxx
  • Awwww thank you for your lovely message Natty it has cheered me up image Im feeling positive about everything rather than negative so that's a good start.

    Fingers crossed image xx
  • Pinkglitter, that's fab about your weightloss so far and definitley keep positive!! But just incase you do need IVF in the future, you may want to check what the criteria is for funding with your PCT. Mine only requires my BMI to be below 30, but I do know of another PCT local to me that requires both of you to have a BMI less than 30. Good luck with everything x
  • Thanks Vickster I will check the criteria.

    I've been for my scans today and they said I have fibroids image she did say not to worry as they are very common and there are in a place where it shouldn't cause any problems.

    Arghhhhh I just want to have a baby so badly my partner and I have wanted and tried for this for the last 3 years. My diet has been bad because I'm feeling sorry for myself and want to eat everything in sight mostly chocolate, need to start exercising which will speed up the weight loss xx
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