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what to expect?

hi ladies im after a little advice if anyone can help.

we have been trying for around 3 years, im pcos and he's very slightly low motility but we're working on improving that! we're off to the docs next week and i'm soo scared! i've done so much research about what docs usually offer but what can i actually ask for? i had such a fight with my docs in the past to get diagnosed with pcos (i've changed docs now) that i'm worried this is gonna be another battle. i really want to feel prepared. after so long and so much disappointment and anger just really hoping for help!

any advice would be truely appreciated

thank you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • hey franks2 x

    sorry ur having problems, i am in a similar position, ttc 2 and a half years now, oh has low sperm count, i had diagnostic lap done and have been tols my left tube is blocked, i have a son nearly 5 from prev relationship but since i had him i havent ovulated, i had to fight for it but i got put on clomid to make me ov again and im happy to say it worked! i ov for the first time in nearly 6 years last month! yeaterday was the last day of taking it on this cycle (2) just had my galblader remived on mibday tho so wont be any babydancing this month lol!

    bur if u have pcos .. do u ov on ur own do u know? do u have regular periods id any? id u have these kind of issues ur docs should definatley get u on clomid x
  • hi Kell, thank you for your reply,

    sorry to hear your also having probs, although good that the clomid is helping! have you recovered from your galblader now? hopefully will all come together for you very soon.

    i do ov although hard to keep track as monthlys are more like whenever they wnt to come!

    we feel like we've done everything we can before going docs, dont smoke, cut back alcohol and caffine, regular exercise, vitaims, diet changes, ov test had him tested and doing all we can to improve his swimmers, but im still worried the docs are gonna send us away without help, it was such a battle before just to get a refferal, i wanted to make sure i was well prepared to ask for whatever we're entitled to.

    we're going on the 14th this month so will update then.

    hope all is well for you. xxxxxxx

  • i only had it done on monday and had a few complications with the surgery so im stoll really sore and cant walk etc properly so puting the baby dancing on hold for a bit this month lol x

    id say your doc should put u on clomid to regulate them and make ur ov more consistant x

    ohhh fingers crossed for you! i dont see why they wouldnt do it for you x
  • thank you, will def update next week.

    wish you better, hopefully be back to working order soon. xxxxxxxx

  • thank you x keep us updated!x

    i have another thread on here called NEW clomid advice? if you want to come have a look at all our experiences and join in x
  • Hi franks2. I have also been put on clomid twice in my life. After ttc for 9 years I finally decided to approach the dr. Was referred to a hospital fertility clinic (although this doesn't happen for everyone, I am sorry to say).

    I had various bloods taken through the month to check the various hormones produced by the body. I had to lose 2 stone to have a BMI of 30 and I also had a 


    (sorry about the large wording couldn't remember the word so searched for it) this is the test to check if any of your fallopian tubes are blocked. Maybe you could request this first. Or if it's not easy getting stuff at the drs maybe request both the clomid and HSG  (short name for test above).

    I never had monthlys so was prescribed provera to induce monthly. 

    Hoping you all the best and an understanding, helpful dr. xx

  • Oh dear the big word came out same as all the others!! image

  • yeah smilerkinners i was told to get the HSG done but opted to go straight for the laparoscopy surgery as i knew something wasnt right and turned out my left tube is blocked but they couldnt fix it x

    iv had my gallbladder removed on monday there the surgeon said the lap had left so much scar tissue it made it really hard for them to operate!

    the things we put ourselfs through is amazing lol!x

    clomid definately worked for me lastmonth ovulation wise hoping to grt my bfp soon x
  • hi smilekinners, thank you for you advice, sorry to hear of your ttc for so long!

    i think im starting to feel sorry for my doc bofore i even go! its great getting such good advice, i've been writting it all down so i'm well prepared for when i get there. when you had you HSG done, is that the internal ultrasound? i had a somthing done to diagnose my pcos, but also usless with medical terms and cant remeber what it was called! i do have cycles not always regular and dont know if i ov everytime, i guess thats in the hands of the docs to determin.

    i wish you lluck with everything, hope it happens very soon for you. xxxxxxxxx


  • The HSG was when a dye is squirted up your tubes and it is monitored on a computer if it comes out in your ovaries then your tubes are not blocked (I think) that's the impression I got from it anyway. 

    I have had follicle tracking on my 1st month of clomid to see if I ovulated, I had to have 2 internal scans (they don't hurt) as I hadn't even come close to ovulating at day 14, day 17 I still hadn't ovulated but the follicle was a good size and my womb was preparing itself. 

    Kellx...what a lot to put yourself through!! I thought having the HSG was enough to moan about. Hoping you're blessed with a healthy pregnancy soon. xx

    franks2 I had a follicle tracking internal scan 10 years ago when we went for help with our 2nd. It was confirmed with the polycysts then. My blood test before that showed a high amount of testosterone which was kind of the first confirmation of PCOS! Hoping the dr is helpful and willing to get the various tests done or to put you through to a fertility clinic!! xx

  • it sounds like clomid would benifit you franks2 x

    the HSG puts dye through your tubes to make sure it flows through and out the other side, when they done mine they told me my left one was blocked the dye wouldnt go through at all so that test is gd to have done x

    thank you smilerkinners x

    hopefuly we all get there soon xx
  • well went to docs today, he was actually really nice and pretty helpful.

    turns out my oh probs aren't as bad as we thought which is really good, although it did make me feel like this is all my fault, and have an awful feeling of being inadequate as a women! on the up tho he's arranging bloods and other tests to reffere us to clinic so hopefully we will be able to take next step soon.


  • So pleased you had a Dr who was understanding and helpful!! xx

    On the other note you mentioned about feeling inadequate as a woman. I understand that feeling after trying for 5 years for 2nd child and 9 years for 3rd. Then the clomid does what my body couldn't. I imagine that many women ttc for a long time would feel the same way. Hugs to you at this time and hoping that things move quickly for you!!


  • Thank you so much hopefully things will will progress well.

    did clomid work for you each time? Hopefully we will all have our own happy ever after very soon.


  • Hi again

    Yes clomid worked each time. Hoping your happy ever after comes your way soon!! xx

  • had first blood test today and all booked for smear and 21 day bloods. so nervous but at least things are moving forward. really brings it home how much this means to us, been having so many low days lately, just hope we get me positive feed back. 

  • hi ladies, just thought id write as been having a very low day. keep having crying moments and really feeling like this is never gonna end. i know we all have days like this but its so hard to talk to any of my friends as none of them know what is going on or how i feel. i dont want to bang on, on a negative note just having a crappy day. i guess we all ask the why me, and feel like its really not fair. i know deep down that we will get there just feels like the longest road ever, wish some one could just give us an answer to make it all better and put a baby in our life. sorry for the downer, just one of those days. image

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