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Ladies I need some advice please. I waited months to see a doctor after ttc for 1 year and was told to come back in 6 months (which we did) we were then sent for tests and told nothing wrong come back in 6 months. now been told nothing else they can do until we have been trying for three years (sept this year) I cried because i thought they would do something but have been refused clomid because I am ovulating and been told they wont do anything else except IVF.

Ive been told clomid can help even those who are ovulating but he wouldnt even consider it and said it could cause more problems?

I cant bear the thought of waiting til september any ideas ?

thank you 


  • you must be so frustrated at ttc for so long but all I can see is good news that there's nothing wrong! that's great!

    I got my bfp after 17 months of ttc (all tests were fine) and I can honestly say the month I chilled out about it, didn't count cycle days, didn't look out for ov was when it happened!

    I do hope you get your bfp soon as I know what a hard, emotional journey it is!

    good luck xx

  • Thanks hun, i had only just switched off to it I hadn't even realised my AF was due until I was late then bam I noticed starting getting excited and once again all taken away its been forever I feel like its never going to happen for us x x
  • Can you see a different doctor? When I was trying for my little boy I went after we had been trying a year and he said he wouldn't do anything until it had been two years, so I changed to a female doctor and she started tests for us straight away. So maybe a different doctor would give you clomid? Please try and keep positive, I have PCOS and my hubby has low sperm count and reduced motility sperm and I thought it would never happen for us but we managed to conceive naturally whilst we were on the waiting list for IVF. I always say if we can do it anyone can! Also have you tried Soya Isoflavones? It is supposed to be like a natural clomid, I had been taking it for about 3 cycles I think when I got pregnant. I was also taking vitamin B6 and my hubby was taking wellman conception tablets. Good luck, it will be so amazing when it does happen for you I promise xx

  • Thank you very much you Hun I'm going to look into it now z
  • Ok so I've read practically everything and decided its worth a try image

    I've bought them today and af due yesterday and I feel like the old cows on the Way lol it says to take on days 3 to 8 of cycle, does that sound about right ?
  • Definitely worth a try, don't think it can hurt! image

    Yup I think I took them days 3-7 so sounds good, good luck!!! xx
  • Ok so first two days slight headache and bloated tummy but other wise not too bad but hopefully will work x.
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