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Returning Member!

Hi Ladies

I used to be on here ages ago under the screen name Blue30.

Me and OH continue to try for our long awaited baby but I took some time away from the forums as it began to affect our marriage. However, we are now stronger than ever and fully determined to have our baby.

Some of you many remember I had a really bad experience at our local hospital and was eventually discharged as they said I wasn't commited enough.

Basically I don't ovulate but they can't do any further investigations until I loose weight. I went away and have lost 4 stone and now have evidence that weight loss is not helping the issue.

I was referred to a Gynae who has pretty much said that she agrees it isn't a weight thing and now have a referral to their Fertility Dept (different hospital) and an appointment in two weeks. I know that I need to continue to loose weight to qualify for any kind of treatment but finally I feel like I'm being listened to!!

Positive thoughts to everyone xx

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