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Hey! Right, I'm new to this website, I've never joined anything like this before but really feel like it would help me to chat to other women in my situation or hear any success stories from women who have suffered like me. I've been TTC for 19months now with no success at all. I've had blood tests and a HSG X-ray exam which showed my Fallopian tubes were clear. My bloods were ok but I later found out that my progesterone level was slightly low at 20 (although I'm not sure what normal is) after being referred to the hospital, my consultant thinks I may not be ovulating regularly as my periods are always different lengths. I've just been prescribed clomid 50mg, which I'm due to commence sometime next week on the 2-5 day regime. It's good to be getting help but I just can't feel positive, I have so many friends with children and babies plus lots getting pregnant really easily and often!! It's just hitting me like a brick wall all the time and I spend most of my days crying. I feel like I'm really suffering in silence as I don't have any friends who truly understand how it feels. My husband is great but he's upset too and I feel like he's getting fed up with my constant crying, stress and upset. I really feel like I need some friends and support that truly understand how it feels, would love to share my feelings and experiences with others in the same situation or hear some positive outcomes from others that have struggled to conceive. Hope to hear from you ladies soon . Saz x


  • Hi saz, you're probably not ovulating as progesterone should be over 30. Stay postive - clomid is a wonder drug and its good to have a reason for the problem rather than "unexplained infertility". There are lots of people with positive clomid stories, I'm 8 weeks pregnant with clomid twins. My whole family and everyone at work is churning out babies like rabbits and its been very difficult.

    You'll get your turn. Try and stay positive for hubby - us women are strong and we can get through it. I spent a lot of time listening to Kelly clarkson what doesn't kill you makes your stronger over and over again!

    Let me know if you have any questions and I'll try to answer them.

  • Hi Froggy, thanks so much for your reply- exactly what I needed to hear! Thanks for sharing your story, congratulations on your pregnancy, and twins that's fab news! Yep I have my ups and downs, I try to be positive but do feel very emotional sometimes, the hardest thing sometimes is that I care for babies for a living so that's a constant reminder, I do love my job but its hard to get away from my problem and upset doing a job like that.

    How many cycles of clomid did you take? How long have you been trying for? Are these your first babies?

    Also I was just wondering, will clomid change my cycle length? I mean mine vary in days anyway but didn't want to miss ovulation.

    Ha that's fab advice about the song, I do love that song too! I do like listening to music when I'm down and emotional, I feel like it helps and it's great inspiration.

    Hope to hear from you soon,

    Saz xx
  • hey saz, i am currently on my two week wait from 2nd round of clomid , i hadnt ovulated at all since having my son nearly 5 years ago and its took the docs til now to prescribe clomid, my first cycle gave me my first result of 54 (normal is over 30) so i almost cried i was so relieved! atleast i know it does its job but i also have a blocked tube and low sperm count against me aswell so will be alot hsrder for me to ttc and wev already been trying for over 2 years x

    compley understand how emotional it is and i know how hard it is to stay positive but just need to believe it will happen for you xx
  • yes, you have to try to not let it drag you down....or at least all the way down, as it's okay to be down sometimes.  

    i am also on the 2ww after round 2 of clomid.  we have been trying for over three years, and have had 2 rounds of iui.  i get very down sometimes, and my hubby is very good about it too.  i know it's hard when people say to stop thinking about it so much, but that's impossible when you have to temp every morning, track symptoms, test and have regular dr's visits.

    it's hard, i know.  but - regretfully another cliche - think of the benefits!  i am kind of, though fearfully, hoping for twins.....being just short of 36, it would work nicely to get a nice little family in one shot.

  • Hi Kell. Thanks for the reply. It's good to know what the normal progesterone level is as a doctor has never explained that to me, so with mine being 20, hopefully clomid will be effective for me. I'm sorry to hear that you have a blocked tube, are they able to unblock it for you? Did you have the HSG test to find that?

    Thank you for sharing your story, is good to know that clomid worked for you, good luck with this cycle image

    You must feel very down too but I think it's great to find others with problems, as I think no matter how supportive friends are etc, they don't truly understand how hard it is as some people take pregnancy for granted.

    Has your doctor got any plans to give you other help? Stay positive Kell! Xx
  • Hi QnBee. Thanks for the reply, great to hear your story. Good luck with this cycle! You're right about the constantly thinking about it, it's so hard to think about anything else when it's all you want. I'm trying to do things to keep me occupied and take my mind of it but is hard.

    I know like you say it will be worth it if its works, it's all the waiting that makes it hard. I'm still waiting for my period, so can't wait to start my first round of clomid, just intrigued to see if it works for me. Ah twins, that would be great, especially for you as like you say you've been waiting a while so getting 2 for the price of 1 is a lovely thing! Are twins common with clomid? Xx
  • hey saz,

    i've heard twins are common because clomid forces ovulation, ideally....though i cannot claim to know the science of it.  i like putting it that way, "2 for 1"!

  • sorry for the late reply x

    yeah i wasnt told what was normal levels either until i asked when i was geting my results they seem to hold off on all info x i got a laparoscopy done to fins the blocled tube they tried unblocking when they were in there but it was too badly damaged x

    no.other help options to me im afraid im not eligable as i have a son already from prev relationship so anything else i need i need to pay for x

    theres a thead on here calleed *NEW clomid advice* where myself qnbee and a few others chat about the same issues your more than welcome to come join in the chat x

    and also iv read aswell qnbee that twins are really common on clomid, all our familys keep teasing us saying wel have twins as it runs in johns family but only runs dwn the girls side not the mens so thats a bit better lol! x
  • the only thing i know about clomid is that it stimulates/hyperstimulates the ovaries to produce follicles when they have not been previously - or stimulates production of more than one  in cases where ovulation already happens.  they do this for iui/ivf to try to up the chances of success.  

    there are twins, i think, on my mother's side from both of her parents, and the hubby has twin uncles on his father's i guess out chances are likely higher than some.  so, again, here's to hoping!

  • ohhhh exciting! hopefuly is twins then for u x.

    my friend done clomid etc and moved to ivf and had twins x its really high rates im sure i read somewhere its 35% chance x
  • fingers crossed for a couple of healthy ones in one shot!

  • My doc says there's 8-10% chance of multiples on clomid, & I understand this increases with higher doses of the drug? I've just had 21 day blood test today, so fingers crossed I've ovulated - on 100mg clomid
  • good luck littlepink!

    and kellx, i do hope so, thanks!

  • Ooo this all sounds very exciting ladies! Twins would be lovely, like mother natures way of saying ' you've waited so long that I'm going to give you 2!' Hehe. I'm still awaiting my period so I can start my first round of clomid, I have period every month but they vary in length so don't know exactly what day it will come,but I'm excited to start clomid as its just nice to trying something else as things haven't worked out for us yet image and thanks Kell, I'll Defo pop over to that thread for a chat image good luck with your 2 week wait QnBee & kellx! Hey little pink, good luck with clomid, is it your first month taking it? Xx
  • Hi Saz, it's my 2nd month. The first month I didn't ovulate, that's why they've increased me to 100mg Clomid for the 2nd cycle. I've had a scan to check I was about to ovulate, and it was looking promising, although how the heck they can tell what's going on I have no clue - it's all just blurry images to me! My doc measured the follicle and it was 14mm, and they need to get to 18mm apparently. She said it was a very good sign, so fingers firmly crossed we caught it when it released the egg! In the middle of my 2 week wait now. I love what you said about twins being mother natures way of saying you've waited long enough I'm giving you 2. I feel like I've taken enough of mother nature in the past with hideous pain, it's about time she did something nice for me image  good luck with your Clomid, keep us posted on how it's going. xxxx

  • Hi little pink! Thanks for sharing your story, great to hear from you. Hopefully 100mg will work for you, got everything crossed for ya! Hehe well I think that's a nice way to look at multiple births, it's exciting! Although my husband has a twin niece and nephew who are nearly 14 now so I don't think my in laws will believe us if we ended up pregnant with twins lol! Well AF arrived today so im due to start my first round of clomid tomorrow! I'm excited to be trying something new, hopefully it will fix the missing piece in our puzzle. But I'm scared it won't work for me and worried about the side effects, did you get any side effects Hun? Xxx good luck with your 2 week wait xx
  • Hi Saz, that's exciting you can get started on clomid tomorrow - good luck. My first cycle I had a horrendous period. I went panicking to the doctors because I thought I was loosing too much blood, but they said it was normal. Luckily that was only a 24 hour thing & then slowed down. 2nd month was lighter than normal period. Both cycles I've had a dull headache for the 5 days & nauseous. Some people say taking it at night lessens any side effects - haven't tried that yet. Keep us posted on how it goes for you xxxx
  • Ah these things are good to know so thanks hun. Yep will do, good luck to you! Keep in touch xx
  • Hi ladies,


    Its been great to read all of your stories.  I have also never signed up to a website/chat site etc but this ttc journey has been an emotional one. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for over a year. We have had 6 rounds of IUI and this is our second month on Clomid at 100 mg. IUI was done this morning and now we are on the 2 week wait.  I am more anxious this time around because if it does not work this time they want me to look at IVF. So hoping for our BFP in two weeks! I never had any side effects with this clomid but I also had a horrendous period the first month. I look forward to hearing more success stories! Hoping I am one of them!


  • Hi Saz, im also new to this site image were almost in the same boat but im a few months short of time ttc than you. all my friends have children (mostly two now) and my best friend is expecting her 2nd baby, a little girl and she will have one of each. im happy for her but i cant help my jealousy especially as she wasnt really trying. ive only visited her twice since shes been pregnant and im dreading the babies birth in August (sounds terrible i know) i just cant face it. i dont have anyone else to talk to hence why i joined here.

    I went to the doctors a month ago but he wants to see whether we will be pregnant by xmas if not to go back to him and go from there. at this point i feel as tho it will come to that image i just cant seem to stay positive about things.

    i try to have faith every month, im currently going into cycle 12 as my period just arrived yesterday image

    so you are not alone hunni


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