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What is going on?

I have a short cycle 25 days and I am 3 days late! I took a sainsburys pg test this morning and BFN : ( I dont have the usually tender boobs and bad skin like I get before AF? There has been a few occasions when I get a twinge and think here she comes... but nothing? Any ideas ladies? its hard to not get your hopes up!



  • Hi im in a simlar boat i had my last period 23rd feb was due to come on march and nothing yet iv done to test and there breats was all sorewarm and sore for 3days but fadeded off i really not got a clue iv been tryin for so long but if they negative i crnt be..confused lol xx
  • Hi iv replied to you on your thread still no AF for me will go to gp if nothing in a few days x
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