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Hi, I'm having an HSG in a few weeks time. Has anyone else on here had this procedure done and if so can you tell me what to expect, share any advice please? Feeling a bit nervous about it to be honest, thanks x


  • Don't worry about it x

    You lie on an X-ray bed, then they insert a dye through cervix (feels like a smear) then as the dye fills tubes and uterus it does get uncomfortable like a bad period pain, but its over very quickly.

    The yucky bit I thought was the water/dye coming out! Make sure you take a sanitary pad as can feel 'wet' for some time after.

    The radiographer talked me through what they'd saw but you normally have to wait to see your consultant for diagnoses.

    Good luck x
  • Hi I'm having one next Tuesday il let you know how I get on image x
  • Hsg tomorrow I will post my experience ASAP xx
  • Hey just thought I would let anyone who is interested my HSG experience today, I was nervous but we were running late and traffic was bad so I didnt have time to sit in the waiting area getting worried. Me and another lady were called to the changing area looked like a set of cubiles at a swimming pool! changed into gown and robe. I could keep my bra and shoes and socks on which was funny. Carried my clothes into the room in a metal shopping basket! I was asked a few q's about when my last period was etc... I had not remembered to take any pain killers. I hopped up on the bed and the ladies were very nice chatting away about my journey here etc. The X ray machine hoovers over your tummy and I was asked to turn over to get another image. the whole procedure lasted 10 mins, questions included. It felt like a smear test and little ouch moment when the cathater went it but only for a few seconds. I have antibiotics a course of and a different kind,1 suppository! 

    I have a few cramps now but not taken anything, just feels like the first day of my period. I could not see the screen which was a bit unfortunate and they did not discuss anything there and then, I have to wait for an appointment, I hope that is common and everything is ok : )


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