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heavy period on clomid?

Hi Ladies af came yesterday and has been very heavy! never had anything like this before.(big clots) sorry for too much info... i am on clomid and this has never happened. Has anyone else experienced this?


  • Hi lottie, yes that happened to me too. I went hysterical to the doc thinking I was bleeding to death. It is a side effect unfortunately. I'm on my third cycle & it hasn't happened again. Don't panic image xxx
  • thanks little pink x its not nice x
  • Sorry only just read this and it took me back to my Clomid experience last year. The first cycle I thought I was dying! I've always had heavy periods but nothing like that!! I am a drama queen but I actually thought my womb was falling out! ha! I seriously think the doc should warn about this lol! But it did get better so don't worry xxx  

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