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Clomid journey.

Hi me and my husband have been ttc for two years now and recently got put on clomid. I am on my second round of 50mg of clomid and due for an insemination on the 15th. Tell us about your journeys on clomid. Have any questions? I may have some answers.


  • I didn't ovulate on 50mg on my first cycle. It was upped to 100mg for cycle 2 and I conceived, the pregnancy was bad from the start and ended in miscarriage at 9 weeks. I then failed to ovulate on 100mg for three or four months and was changed to clomid plus metformin and the trigger injection ovidrel to release the eggs. I'm now 11 weeks pregnant with twins and all looks to be well.

    Keep trying - it does work! My only recommendation would be to keep going back to the fertility clinic if it's not working, don't be fobbed off to try another month on the same dosage if it didn't work!

    Good luck
  • hi froggy. congratulations on your pregnancy with twins!!! I too have the trigger Injection and on 100mg. how many cycles did u have? x
  • Thank you froggy and congrats on your twins. I would be so happy with twins but It will be the happiest day of my life just to find out I'm pregnant. image
  • How do I use clomid ? I have been trying to get pregnant but nothing has happened yet.
  • Clomid is an oral pill that a doctor can prescribe you, you just take it once a day to help you ovulate if you do not already.
  • You will be hard pushed to find a gp to prescribe so you are best asking your gp for a referral to your local hospital.

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