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Hey all Both me and DH are 34 and are trying for our first. We hadn't been taking any precautions for what I thought to be only a couple of years but was shocked to find out that I came off of the depo injection in June 2007 with not even a sniff of a BFP! We have had all the relevant blood tests and scans done. I seem to be fine although my tubes haven't been looked at. 1st SA showed only 1.25 million sperm. DH wasn't very well when the sample was produced so might have been a factor. We went for our second appointment at the fertility clinic on Thursday and another SA showed 27 million. The only problem they have found so far is that the motility is half what it should be. We have been accepted for 3 goes of ICSI and should start within 3 months. I am posting here to get some expert advice from all of you as I will probably have lots of questions that I forget to ask at my appointments! I wish everyone the best of luck and hope that you don't mind me sticking around to pick your brains! xTx


  • Hello trottee, I am currently laying here with my 18week old baby boy, whom was conceived with Ivf/icsi, my husband had no sperm, well 1 single sperm and 2 immobile and had to have PESA when they go in to the testicle and collect sperm and they got plenty. He was conceived first time so I will happily answer any questions, all the best!
  • Hi Laurelladie

    Thank you so much for your reply and congratulations on having your little boy. I really can't wait to be a mum it must be the most magical thing that can happen to you.

    It sounds like you had more complicated issues than us but I'm not counting any chickens yet! I'm just hoping that the motility issue is the only thing and that they don't find anything else when we get started.

    How are you finding being a new mum? It must be amazing. xTx
  • Hi trotee!

    I'm 12 weeks pregnant with identical twins after a successful 1st round of icsi. We'd been ttc for 3.5 years and tried Clomid before finding that I had low AMH. We went private due to 18 month waiting list for ivf and they advised icsi because I only had 7 eggs after egg collection.

    Have a look under the IVF category on here too - there was an "icsi" thread on there when I was going through this in Jan/Feb. There are some other success stories on there too which you might like to read.

    Happy to answer any questions and wishing you lots and lots of luck xxx

  • Hi Mikey

    Congratulations on your twins! Wow that must have been a surprise!

    I will have a look at the other threads, thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Just really excited to get started now. It's so encouraging to hear things can work out.

    I really hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well, congrats again xTx
  • Trottee I have 1 word for motherhood, Exhausting!!!Oscar wakes up twice a night still and they don't tell you the yuck of pregnancy and post birth! I am very very lucky to have Oscar I can't imagine life without him. You will soon find yourself pregnant and all of a sudden they give you this baby and your like, we'll what do I do now! We were trying for 7 years so quite a shock!

    And breast feeding they say its one of the joys of motherhood but it is so painful and so hard that we didn't crack it until about 14 weeks old! But you know when that baby wraps there fingers around your finger and you look at them and swear that that smile is not just wind you won't know what's hit you! I wish you all the luck and when you start your cycle don't look into every symptom as a negative or anything related to pregnancy, what will be will be no matter what you do or do not do ! I look forward to your I'm Pregnant announcement.
  • Hi Laurelladie

    I don't think anything prepares you for being a mum. My friend handed me her baby the other day and I literally had no idea what to do next! I'm just hoping instinct takes over! I don't mind what pregnancy throws at me, I may moan about it when the time comes but I know it will be worth it in the end. Thank you for your messages, I would rather hear the truths rather than the fairytales! image

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