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Endometrial Biospy and spotting

Hi, I'll try to keep this long story short.  I would really appriciate feedback or advice.

This month I underwent fertility testing, one of the tests was an endometrial biopsy at 8dpo (CD 20).  I spotted for a few days (CD20-23). On day 24 there was no spotting until the evening after hubby and I BD'd.  I thought this spotting may have been AF starting as I usually have a 13 day lp which would mean AF was due to start the next day (CD25). This would have been a short cycle for me (normally its 27 days), but I ovulated early this month (confirmed by ultrasound during my testing), so I didn't think twice about it.

I had very light and intermittent spotting yesterday (CD 25), but no AF.  I expected AF this morning (CD26) but she's still not here.

I'm wondering if anyone else has had this procedure done and what their experience was.  The odds that I'm pregnant are slim (not impossible) and I know the easy answere would be to just test....but I'm scared.  I've read that conceiving in the same cycle that you have an endometrial biopsy done can cause miscarriage and I'm terrified as I've already had 2 miscarraiges

Any feedback would be appriciated!

I've attached a link to my chart if you're curious. (I'm not great with tracking the BD'ing, but we only dtd once around ovulation.

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