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Suzy Raynes Prediction??

Hi all, I seen a lot of people had had predictions and was successful?? Does anybody have any stories to share?? Positive or negative?? Please share image babydustingyouall you all x x


  • Suzy got mine wrong! She said i wid find out in june and its now the 1st and im not pregnant! to be honest i wasnt so dissapointed as ive read shes got alot wrong. I think its just luck if she happens to guess right personally xx 

  • She got mine wrong too. She said iwould find out in August and I found out last week! So although wrong it was a good wrong!

  • i was told i would concieve december, find out january 2014 and a girl would be born around the 20th september 2014 so guess i still have a while to wait before i find out, i dont mind if it comes earlier just dont wanna wait longer x

  • have you tried Leigh Light?

    her email is [email protected]


    I think she charges $5 for TTC readings, $10 for relationship readings and $15.00 for a Tarot card reading.

    All in depth of what your looking for. she may not be right ALL the time but she is over 85% right! she told me the same thing as Suzy did next month i find out. so lets hope!!

  • Anyones reading come true in july?


  • she told me id concieve in june and bfp july, im now 13 days late still negtuve tests but when been pregnant before i was 3weeks pregnsnt before i finaly got  bfp, im now on day 46 of mycycle iv nevvvvver been this late before so holding out and will test again in a few days x 

    if she is rightthis will be a miricle baby! beem ttc over 2 years, blocked tube, low sorrm count, had pancreatus last month and only had sex onxe in the frtile period so if i m pregnant itl honestly be such a shock!x 


    gd luxk ladues really hope u all get bfp soon xz

  • 3 weeks late before bfp thats meant to say lol **

  • Suzy was wrong for me image af arrived today. 

  • How did you get n Kellx ?? X x


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