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Experience with Clomid

Hey ladies!! I'd like to get some stories about your experiences with Clomid!! My doctor is putting me on clomid and I'm very excited! Please share your stories!! I'd like all details like how long it took to get pregnant, if you got pregnant with twins, side a effects! Etc.. Thank you so much!!!!!


  • Hi Wendy,

    Mine isn't a great experience, but I have a few tips which might increase your chances, so thought I would post anyway.

    I was put on clomid, despite being borderline over 30 BMI and I think it works more effectively if your BMI is normal.  I was also put on quite a high dose (100mg).  It made me ovulate for the 3 months I took it, but I didn't get pregnant.  I have some theories about why!  I read that the higher the dose, the more it affects your production of cervical mucous, so if you ovulate on a lower dose, that is better.  I also think its better if its used to to improve the quality of your eggs if you're oulating already.  If you are prescribed a higher dose, I would recommend pre-seed or another sperm-friendly lubricant

    I am not sure if we have male factors involved too (indirectly) as we concieved using a home insemination kit, on the 3rd month I ovulated naturally following ovarian drilling.  It could have just been good timing, and we'll probably never know!

    There were plenty of clomid bumps and babies around when I was taking it, which was a couple of years ago- might be worth a search of the archives.  I am sure there was a clomid bump thread.  Good luck! xx

  • Hiya, I was lucky enough to fall pregnant on my second cycle of clomid (i was on 50mg dosage) The first month I had lots of side effects - mouth ulsers, conjunctivitis, nausea, tiredness, hot and cold flushes and headaches. I was pretty much falling apart!  As recommended by someone on here The second month I used clomid I took it right before bed and all of the side effects stopped (I took it at lunch time the first cycle). 

    I agree with windy that you should use some sperm friendly lubricant (I used Samar - conceive plus) 

    good luck xx

  • thanksI thanks ladies I didn't even think about the sperm friendly lubricant! I will try that ASAP! Did you start clomid at the beginning or end of your cycles?

  • Clomid worked for me on the third cycle. I don't recall any side effects either, although I was on a low dose. I took it at the beginning if the cycle.  How are you getting along with it?  fingers crossed for you. 


  • im currently 5dpo on my first cycle of 50mg clomid, i took about an hr before bed so about 10ish and never got one symptom, i took it days 2-6


  • Hi Natasha4!

    I'm about to start on Clomid on days 2-6 also. Am currently taking Provera (3rd day), and will be taking it for 5 days to induce bleeding... then can make a start on Clomid 50mg, and it will be my first cycle. Let me know how you're getting on!


    All the best x

  • Hi beeba, I was started on provera but only ended up taking it for 2 days then ended up in hospital but luckily I still got af a week later which only lasted 1 day rather than the normal 7 it usually lasts.

    Good luck xxx
  • Hey girls,


    I am on my 2nd day of clomid 50mg and I was just wondering if people could please share there stories with me, I am so nervous and a little bit in the dark about all this my doctor isn't very good so I could do with any information use have, also some clomid friends.

    Thanks image

  • Hello!

    I'm just (hopefully!) near the end of my first cycle with Clomid and apart from a couple of headaches, I experienced no side effects whatsoever!  I ovulated perfectly and managed to pop out at least one good egg image 

    There's a risk of multiple follicles being matured and released, therefore a risk of multiple pregnancy. This wasn't something that was a problem for the dh and I so we carried on bd. They will tell you to not ttc during a cycle if you're scanned and more than 3 follicles are mature, because it puts a huge risk of miscarriage and risk to you if they all go at one time or if they all get fertilised. This is hyper-stimulation of the ovaries, can happen if the dosage is too high but they usually start ladies on 50mg so it doesn't crazily affect your follicles straight away.

    The only complication I've had is a luteal cyst. When an egg releases from the ovary, the corpus luteum releases progesterone. This is what keeps your temperature up. If pregnancy happens, it keeps releasing until the second trimester. If one doesn't happen, then the luteum breaks down. But sometimes it doesn't and it becomes a cyst (not a dangerous one!!) which keeps kicking out progesterone longer than it should. This is what's happened to me. I'm now 15dpo with high temps and lots of early pregnancy symptoms but think they're all down to the progesterone. Had 3 bfn's....grrrr. Really had my hopes up a few days ago! 

    BUT the chances of this happening aren't necessarily increased by taking Clomid, it's just noticed more because you get scanned more regularly. It's nothing serious, just irritating (and cruel!) more than anything.

    The thing is, I ovulated for the first time since July, so I can't complain! Definitely would recommend it!

    Hope it goes well for you - I'll keep reading in on here image xx

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