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Anyone ttc taken folic acid and then got their BFP?

Hi girls im Zoe and im new to this site.

I have been trying to concieve for 11 months now (currently into cycle 12 as period just arrived) im startng to get really down about things now and want to step things up a bit.

I am not currently taking folic acid neither am i temping or charting. reason being i wanted to just relax and not think too much into it and me and partner just agreed to whatever happens happens, however now im getting worried that its never going to happen and thinking whether to start by taking folic acid. has anyone been trying to concieve for a while then started taking folic acid and concieved not long after? just curious...



  • Im not sure if it helps you to conceive but i was told to take as soon as we started trying. Apparently you are supposed to build up a supply of it in your system. X

  • folic acid does not make or help you to get preg sooner. you just take it becoz you are preparing for a baby and you want when it happens your baby to be in safe clean please and that doesnt mean if you didnt take it and fall preg you not safe. i dont what to explain about folic acid its just vitamins

  • Ok thanks guys image I've ordered some now so will be taking it ASAP x

  • Hi,

    My husband and I have been TTC for around 10 months now. I have been taking folic acid (along with iron and evening primrose vitamins) for the last 4 months and nothing has happened so far. 

    Hopefully it'll help you though image 


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