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Little hope

hI I am 26 years old and been trying for a year now. had a referral after 8 months to have an ultrasound as u had a previous bordedline cyst in 2006 at 19. Scan showed cyst in left ov again this time 5 cm. had ct scan to confirm and planned op is in late aug but they are going to remove cyst and ovary. Just had my first apt at the infertility clinic been told that the right ovary is pcos but won't do anything until after op. also my BMi is so high they won't give clomid until reduced and if I need ivf again can't do until the BMi  is below 30 and I will only get 1 try due to postcode !! It will cost me 3k for every try after. I feel gutted and angry there are so meant people out there that don't plan a baby they get pregnant by accident !!! I feel like I am not normal and have been born completely wrong. All I want is to become a mummy but instead I just can't get pregnant image and now without losing weight and help it will be impossible. I just need some good news  !

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