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Early miscarriage?

Hi, my husband and I have been TTC for 13 months now. Both had a few tests done, and the doctors think i may have polycystic ovaries, and my husband has low sperm count. So not as easy as first thought...! So we have been reffered to our local fertility hospital, and appointment is the beginning of September.
Since coming off the pill, my periods are very irregular. My shortest cycle is 35 days, with my longest at 82 days.

On Friday, i took a pregnancy test, and it came up as positive. Never been so happy. A few hours later i took 2 more test, and they were both negative. So was a big kick in the teeth.
I had read on a few other posts, and some had said, a positive is almost always never a false reading, but you do get several false negatives. Trying not to think about it, i said id take one in about a week to see what is says then.
But i think i have just started to come on my period....! image

Any suggestions? Again, some things i have read say that this would mean i have had an early miscarriage? xx


  • It could be a chemical pregnancy where the egg doesn't implant properly so you get a pos but then unfortunately bleed afterwards. I would take a test after you've stopped bleeding to be sure. Fingers crossed x

  • I had a positive followed by a few negatives. Was told by the doc to retest a week later and the line was much clearer. I bled around the 4 wk mark, so thought the worst was happening too. retest later this week and see. I keep everything crossed for you. Xx

  • thank you rose. i will take a test tomorrow and see what is says.

    are you preganant now? x

  • How did you get on?? Im 16 weeks!xx

  • i know this sounds silly, but im too scared to take another test. I have stopped bleeding now, and should just take one. i think i will do one tonight.
    i also have an appointment with my doctors, for an internal examination, to make sure alls ok, and if anything there. Bit scared about that too.
    I think where i got my hopes up, and all excited for that afternoon, it so disheartening to get the negative after.
    How are you feeling at 16 weeks. Massive congrats to you image
    Are you going to find out what you are having? xx

  • Im sorry to hear that! I really keep my fingers crossed for some good news for you. Taking each day as it comes but trying to relax a little now! Xx

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