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Red rasberry leaf

Has anyone taken red rasberry leaf tablets or tea? If so when did you take them and what quantity? Xx


  • Ok decided to go for it this month and try it. Taking two tablets up till o. Fingers crossed! 

  • Hiya hun , tried raspberry leaf tea(not sure if it's the same as tablets ?) took it to bring on labour n it worked a treat , causes uterine contractions so I guess it would work on the principal of sucking the egg into the womb more effeciently ? good luck my lovely , hope it's the little bit of magic you need x x

  • I have never heard of using raspberry leaf for ttc, what does it do? good luck hope it works x

  • Ooh only just saw this! Thanks ladies, my good friend evemum yes I've heard you take it up to ovulation And it helps the lining thicken and gives you better chance of implanting xx

    thanks ilovemygirls good luck to you xx

  • Just a little update red raspberry made me o much earlier in my cycle, wish I have known this before and I would have taken it ages ago! 

  • So do you take it from af till ovulation?  And how much do you take? X

  • Yes I took it from af to ovulation. It said on my bottle take it three times a day, so I did. Depends on which one you get but just follow the instructions on the back. Xx

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