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remember me?. . Im in the 2ww! ivf cycle :-D

hey ladies well i been on and off here about 5 years now lol. . i have had 2 failed ivf already due to poor quality eggs. well, we flew to Prague had donar egg cycle, had 2 blastocysts tx in me and now in 2ww! image furthest i ever got! i also got 2 blast frozen plus 2 others for next time if needed. Im 2 days past transfer now, have mild period cramps dunno what means. so fingers crossed this time x x x


  • I have seen a few of your posts. I just wanted to wish you luck, I really hope you get your bfp x

  • wishing you the best luck x

  • Wishing you luck boooey xx

    Im also in my 2ww, this is my first month on clomid after nearly 5 years ttc.

    im now at 4dpo, this is all new to me as the last 5yrs ttc was just a case of hoping to get pregnant, i now know theres lots more to it than just bding since joining this site and going to the fertility clinic.

    Fingers crossed for all xxx

  • good luck hun i hope it works for you and not waiting too long x x

    well Im pregnant! can't believe it. did a digital test and said pregnant!

    miracles do happen :-P:-P:-P

    hope you get yours too x x
  • image cogratulations boooey image

    will let you know how i get on in about 8 days image


  • Whoop whoop, friggin whoop, booey! That's amazing news and very very much deserved! Wishing you lots of luck for a sticky little bean. Lots of love x x
  • thanks windymiller!

    its amazing news isn't it

    so so so happy! x x
  • I just knew there was still hope for you. You really deserve some good news after working so hard to get your little beam. Will you be having an early scan? I had one at 8 weeks. Really set my mind at rest. But I still had to keep testing until I started getting fat! Enjoy your special time with your baby and hubby x x
  • Do you hear anything from others in our group? Munchie, ladybird? I'm sure there's more who I shamefully can't think of right now x
  • Im having a 6 week scan! i can't wait. did a clear blue today said 2-3 weeks! eekimage

    no not seen many i recognise lately. but i have been off here for while.

    i still can't believe Im pregnant. its been such a long journey lol x x
  • Awww, spent a fortune on those things- just loved seeing the words! Enjoy every minute x x
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