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Difference between implantation spotting and period spotting

Hi can any one help please, how do you tell the difference between implantation and period spotting im currently 5dpo and would hate to get it wrong and start taking clomid again and it not be my period, my cycles usually last about a wk but my last one when starting clomid only lasted a day i dont have regular cycles unless the clomid helps me with this but as its my first cycle of clomid im not really sure.



  • Implantation bleed was much lighter, only really there when i wiped and lasted about three days. This was my experience but everyones different. Good luck image x

  • thank you rose, sorry to ask for tmi but id hate to get it mixed up, is it red blood when implantation spotting or like when starting your period a browny colour xxx

  • Mine started off brown with a little red after about 24 hours. How is it now?x

  • i dont have any it was just wishful thinking that i get implantation bleed = baby image and wanted to know the difference as i didnt want to take clomid if it wasnt a period xxx

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