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Hi all just wondering if anyone can share their IUI success stories with me. I am currently waiting for AF to come so I can start my first round of IUI. We have been trying to conceive for almost 4 years with no success. I've had 6 six rounds if clomid with nothing apart from it causing an ovarian cyst. Unexplained infertility. We will be having the Injectables with trigger shot apparently. I would love to hear some success stories to help me through this waiting never wanted AF to come as much. Shantellexx


  • Hi hun we had IUI and we were very lucky as it worked first time and I only had one follicle so never expected it to work. We were u explained fertility too and we've now got a gorgeous 8 month old baby boy. Good luck x
  • Hiya, I had 5 cycles of clomid , 2nd cycle did work but ended in a mc. Am now waiting to start 2nd cycle of IUI, 1st cycle didn't work image have you started yet? I found the injections ok although I put on a few pounds bug managed to get it back off with the one wait between cycles. It's a lot more involved than clomid though. We have been trying for bear enough 3 years now me and my husband . Funny you should say about the clomid causing you to have an overian cyst though.... I'm been having full aches on one side of my overy for a while now I am pretty sure I have one too image it is a comman side effect from the clomid . Let me no how your getting on if you have already started , I should start again in the next week or so. X
  • Thank you for sharing your story MrsB_2008 definitely makes me feel more positive hearing success storiesxx

    Hi lottie in still waiting for AF to arrive hopefully in the next week or so counting down the days. When u had the ovarian cyst my stomach was really bloated too but it just went in its own. I have a massive needle phobia so not really looking forward to the needles but now I know I'm moving forward I'm not that fussed about them just can't wait to start IUI now feels like we've been waiting forever. Have give you a reason why your not getting pregnant or is yours unexplained. Good luck image hope it works this time for you xxxx
  • Hi ladies, sorry to read all ur going through. Just a quickie, my oh and I are unexplained so been told our only option is ivf but were told we could try IUI whilst waiting but would have to pay for it as not covered on nhs! Don't like to ask but have u ladies payed and if so I hope u don't mind me asking the cost of things? 

    Thank u, and good luck to u all! Xxx

  • Hi Mrs Dillon i have polysistic overies so that why we have to have treatment.... we could be starting at the same time then because im just waiting anyday now for af to start.

    Hi Franks, i am under NHS because i am 25 with no children. We have 3 cycles on the nhs of IUI.



  • Hi lottie hope things go ok for you this wait is dragging. Wish AF would come soon so then we can start image good luck xxx

    Hi franks I'm under nhs as we've no children we get 3 rounds if IUI then 2 IVF if IUI is unsuccessful, but hopefully won't need to go that far good luck image xxx
  • Hi Mrs Dillion

    Just came accross this thread. Because of your age, IUI could be a great choice for you. And if it doesn't work out you still have time to try IVF.

    Best of Luck!

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