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21 - 23 day blood results

Hi im on my first mth of 50mg clomid, on cd16 my scan showed a follicle of 18mm and got smiley face on ovulation test, im on what I thought would be 7dpo but just got 23 day blood results and its only 20. I was told I probably didnt ovulate and would probably need scans and injection every mth which is a cost we cant really afford. Im so upset as I really thought it had worked, not getting pregnant but halfway there. What blood results did you get and did you still ovulate, any info would be great xxx


  • Hiya...ive had one round of clomid so far, i went for my folicle tracking on day 12 and like you had one egg that meaaured 18mm. my result was 47 and i was told i did ovulate, however im not pregnant image so im abit dissapointed. Im just wairing around for the 19th sept so i can start my provera (to induce a bleed) then can start my clomid then hopefully if the dates match last time i will ovulate whilst im on holiday. Im on 100mg and i noticed that you wer only on 50mg, could it be a possibility to maybe increase that?? Its emotionally draining all of this, dont u think?? Sometimes im fed up of thinking of it. Hope ur okay tho xxx 

  • hi chelley i was really excited that something was working for us at last but just been knocked right back down again image, i asked about going on 100mg clomid but was told i would still need scans and injections as i might not be releasing the eggs on my own and at £240 a mth its really something we cant afford. im hoping though that i do have a period in 7 days because then maybe i did ovulate, i kinda lost track of the call when i was told i probably hadnt ovulated and didnt really take every thing in. she did say results can be between 1 and 200 so makes mine look bad.

    47 is really good chelley so at least you know you have a good chance this mth, plus alot of people relax more on holiday so that might increase your chances too image  have you been ttc for long?

    fingers crossed for you xxx

  • It is alot of money to have to pay out i agree, its a really bad situation. how many rounds wer u given? hopefully u will have a period, that wud be good wouldnt it. 

    Ive been ttc now for about 13 months. I came off the pill and since then havet had a natural period image  i will neva go on the pill again!! Ive had all the tests and evreythin seems fine which is why i dont understand why this is happening image yeah thats what i thort about us borh being more relaxed etc so i thort it was a good idea to wait even tho i just want to get on with it (im so bad at bein patient haha) how long have u been ttc for?


  • so this will be your second cycle of clomid then? i have high hopes for you then this mth, your bloods came back high which is a good sign and you have the eggs there so maybe this holiday will help you relax more. ive read about so many people getting pregnant on thier second and third cycle of clomid so lets hope your gonna be another one of those. image

    i got diagnosed with pcos about 2006 after having my son in 2001 and never concieving again, me and his dad tried for about 5 yrs in total and never happened although i did concieve with my son only 3 mths being with his dad. we split in 2008 and ive been ttc for around 4 1/2 yrs with my current husband i say ttc we never had protected sex hoping it would just happen but it didnt image i only really had about 5 periods a year. i started seeing the doctor sep last year who did all the tests for me and husband before refering us to the fertility clinic. I had a lap n dye in april this yr that was all fine and started my first round of clomid last mth, i was givin 3 mths worth and if i was ovulating he would have given me a yrs worth of clomid to try but doesnt look like that at the minute, some one on another site has got my hopes up a little more today though by saying 20 isnt all that bad and i might not of ovulated the day after my image on opk and could of been the day after or so and that maybe my bloods was done a day or two early, so im really kinda hoping thats what it was as we dont have the money to carry on with the clomid other wise. i guess i just gotta wait a few days and hope for af xxxx

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