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The investigation starts

Hi ladies Just wanted some advice or experience. Been trying for a year now since coming off pill and periods have been haywire. They do seen to be settling now, around the 5-6 week mark. Just been referred to gyno for investigation. Husbands been tested and he's normal, had bloods done at period and there fine. They can't do the 21 day bloods cause periods are all over show so I'd have to bloods done every 3 days and gp says its not good when my cycles can be up to 3 months apart. Just wondering what to expect? How long does referral take, what tests will be done? Do they do them all in one day or will it be many appointments? Have no idea what to expect, not sure if it makes me feel better or worse Thanks in advance xxx


  • Hi Heidi, I have been ttc since June 2012. in June 2013 (ish) we were referred to our local fertility clinic, as too, since coming off the pill, my periods are all over the place and having no such luck.
    husband has had tests done, me too (like you, pointless to track if i ovulate as un sure on cycle days!! so annoying!!)
    so got a letter through and got an appointment beginning of september. We spoke about our situation, and our details, they sent my husband off for another sample test, and i had bloods taken that day.
    They sent us away and have another appointment booked in 3 months time, so beginning of December, where i have an ultra sounds booked in, to check my ovaries. As they may think i have polycyctic ovaries. And will be able to tell if that is a factor of our issues. And i suppose go from there.
    You should receive a letter soon for a date for an appointment.
    Wish you all the best xx

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