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EWCM ?? on Clomid with pcos PLEASE READ

Hello. Im 31 yrs old been TTC off and on for 4+ years. image took Clomid 100 mg this month image(starting on day 3 of cycle)  (tue the 3rd)and dosed out at 50 mg in morning and 50 mg in evening.    we Baby danced on the 10th , 12th , 13th, 14th. image(which is a huge record for us lol)  . on the 13th i noticed a large ammount of EWCM when i wiped. about 2-3 oz? image which i have never noticed before. Called a family friend who is a midwife and she said i was on the "cusp of ovulation" image i knwo it was ewcm and not swimmers due to its texture , color and consistency. 

also i've had hubs take Tribulus for the last two weeks . image

ok so i guess my question is what are my odds?  this month feels like our "last hurrah" for a good while as hubs is getting very frustrated.  image

thanx in advance for any inputimage

ps im cramping right now image



  • Hi adeline, it all sounds hopeful. Were you follicle tracking with ultra sound checks? I had those to check I wasn't over stimulated on 100mg.imagine you would have had lots of ov pain if you had. Ewcm sounds very positive too- I never had much on clomid, which I think is the reason is didn't work for me. You should see if whew will do bloods to check for ov too. Good luck x x
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