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Hi ladies,
Me and my partner have been TTC for the alst 2 years. We have been back and forward to doctors and hospital having what seems like hundreds of tests done, absolutely everything came back fine apart from the fact for a few months i had high prolactin levels, which my consultant said had corrected itself without medication or investigation. My partner gave a specimen sample which came back low but after a repeat realised it was only low before due to medication he was on after an operation.
So as frustrated to understand why it had not happened for us. My consultant decided my cycles were regualr enough to start me on Clomid 100mg, but much to my dismay!! I missed two cycles after that! I started my cycle today so can FINALLY start clomid tomorrow!
Can anyone give me any advice on side effects or give me any success stories? Or is there anybody starting there round with me?



  • Hi kc7, im going to be starting my second round of 50mg clomid tomorrow, i took mine at 10pm each night and didnt get any side affects at all.

    ive read quite a lot of success stories from clomid but then also read some where it hasnt worked for them at all, my first cycle i got the right size follicles and the image on the opk but my bloods was only 20 indicating i didnt ovulate after all. it took some tears on the phone this morning to the fertility clinic to let me do clomid this mth without scans and the trigger shot as we have to pay and cant really afford the 240 a mth its costing, they finally agreed but if i dont get higher bloods this cycle i will have to have them each mth. I also have pcos which doesnt help.

    Fingers crossed it works for you xxx

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