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Hi everyone, apologies for starting a new thread, I know its not the first time provera has been discussed, there was so much information on this website, I didn't know where to start! I love how the forum has brought so many pepole together.

I have a 3.5 year old daughter but am struggling to conceive for a second time as my periods are pretty much non existent. I'd say I've had approximately 4 or 5 the since giving birth to my daughter. I've been referred to consultant as blood tests have came back normal, although PCOS hasn't been ruled out. I'm on day 1 of a course of provera, but after reading some of the side effects suffered by other women on this website, I'm having my doubts already!

Is anyone in a similar position?


  • Hiya...this is my 3rd time takin provera and i havent had any side effects at all. I take 2 tablets a day one in the morning and one at night. I havent had a period for over a year since coming of the pill and for me it does its job evrytime xxx

  • Hi Chelley,

    Thanks for your reply. Been taking it for 3 days now and I'm ok other than a bit drowsy! Fingers crossed it works for me!

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