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Got pregnant at last(PCOS)

My husband Todd and I tried for our first child approx 3 years ago. I had been on the pill for around 12 years and had been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovaries since I was 23 & the pill was pretty much the only treatment. We had been married 2 years so thought it was the right time to try for a baby. I soon found out my cysts had returned and my hormone levels were out of balance and becoming worse as time went on. I started to feel quite anxious but kept persisting until 6 months later, the hormone imbalance was so bad, I was advised to try Clomid but knew it wasn't the path I wanted to go down. Soon after I developed depression and had to ! undergo treatment. I felt helpless and lost for a couple of months.We spent a lot on treatment but nothing worked.
At that time I had to give up trying to fall pregnant due to my condition and go back on the pill to try and help balance my hormones again. I also started to see a doctor of wholistic medicine to help me with natural alternatives when I was ready for the next attempt at falling pregnant. In the meant time, my husband stumbled on iyalaje's website,we checked her website,we saw a lot of encouraging testimonies,we read 100s of good reviews about her online,this boosted my faith and i decided to contact her,she prayed for us,and we ordered for her pills that she recommended for us.Surprisingly,i started feeling better and my health was hormone got balanced(doctor confirmed).
When we finally decided to try again,i fell pregnant at the age of 37,everything worked like a miracle,we had our baby girl 2 months ago and it was a success,we are all in great and perfect condition..
I want to advice all women in same position to never give up,it happened to me and it could happen to more traces of PCOS and other infertility in me...This great woman has also helped a lot of women i know...
you can always read more about her on



  • BLATANT ADVERT. You should feel ashamed of yourself, trying to cash in at the expense of desperate women. Posts like this make me so angry. 

  • I agree with u emmabelle!!! This person should be very ashamed of themselves! These are hard enough times for ladies who are desperate and vulnrable and parasites like her should be stopped! 

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