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I'd like to hear your ttc stories

Hi Ladies I have been on this website now for over a year ever since i started my fertility treatment. Me and my husband have been ttc for nearly 3 years now and have had 6 cycles of clomid 1 mc and now on 2nd cycle of iui. Its a long journey and theer are proberly lasies out there who have been ttc for longer and know how hard it is. I have been thinking id like to get together all your stories. The dreading 2ww , all the blood tests and tests we have had to go through before starting treatment. Once i have all your stories id like to put them all into a book and maybe this could be published? I just think it'll be a great book for anyone who has been ttc for a long time to read. If any ladies are interested them please email me [email protected] Thanks x
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