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SA analysis result..need your help..whats the next step

This is DH ,SA analysis

Semen Analysis
Semen Analysis
Hrs Old 1.75 h
Semen Liquefaction NORMAL
Semen Viscosity NORMAL
Semen Volume 6.5 =1.5 mL
Semen Appearance NORMAL
Sperm Concentration A 2 =15 giga/L
Motility 41 =40 %
Motility Progressive 36 =32 %
Semen Morphology
Immature Forms Few immature
/100 sperm
Pathologist Comments Reviewed by Dr. C. Ho
Neutrophils are present. ? infection
or inflammation of urogenital tract.
Sperm concentration too low to assess
sperm morphology.
WHO 5th ed (2010)
WBC A 1-5 /HPF


Whats next? do we have a chance with IVF

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