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Please help, I'm so confused.

Hubby and I have been ttc for 16 months. Cycle has been 29-31days with ovulation between cd 13 and 15. This was classed as regular by infertility nurse. In August I had light pink spotting on cd23 but started bleeding on cd28, slightly earlier than usual. Really early mc???? Since this, my ovulation has been all over the place. In September I didn't ov til day 17 and got red spotting on cd 29 which stopped, af came on day 32. This month it's been worse, didn't ov until day 23. Took a test in morning and it was positive, took a test right before bd, later that night and it was negative. Don't know what's going on, I'm really worried there is something wrong with me. Hubby has already been diagnosed with low sperm count, I'm still waiting on test results from clinic. 


So fed up, really depressed by whole thing. any advice, suggestions?


  • Oh my! I have been going through the same thing!  Not only that, but sometimes my cycles are only 21 days long to begin with.  This time I had such severe pain while ovulating that I wondered if I was starting my period (cd21), but i had taken an ovulation test and got a positive.  I also am spotting nad have been since dpo 1.  If you find out some answers, let me know.  I'm going to sched. an appt with a gyn soon, well, as soon as I know when I can take leave.

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