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First round of clomid!!!!



  • Confirmed BFN
  • Suzy I'm so sorry the witch came, how are you feeling?

    Did you manage to get more clomid for your next cycles?

    Well looks like she's on her way to me too as I had a big temp drop this morning.

    How are you getting on Judy?


  • Awwww Suzy, I'm sorry honey! The symptoms were all there imageimage Our bodies can be very cruel at times. I hope you are ok honey!

    Natasha- I looked at your chart and can see the big drop image You are not out until the witch arrives so fingers crossed.

    My temps went up on Saturday so I have either ovulated on CD18 or  CD17. Not got the crosshairs yet, but I think the soy made me ovulate a couple of days early. I had a call from the clinic today and they confirmed my next appointment dates. There will be one on 6th January for DH's Semen Analysis and Counselling and one on 17th Jaanuary for scan, blood tests and meeting with the doctors. I am so excited!!! It is all happening now image DH has been on Clomid for a month so the Semen Analysis will tell us if the Clomid worked at all image


  • Hi Judy, I'm no expert by far but I would guess at cd17 as you had a little temp drop then and most charts I look at have a little drop the day they ovulate.

    Wow bet your really excited for January, it's going to be all systems go for you. Hope the clomid worked for your hubby and have everything crossed for you.

    Well seems like I'm going to be out now so lets see if Suzy Rayne is going to be right for me as she said bfp in Jan 14 from a cycle that starts in Dec 13. I got this reading back in February.


  • Thanks Natasha image I've got the crosshairs now and am officially 3DPO today. I am not too bothered this month because we are getting IVF soon and also I cannot keep raising my hopes every month, the fall just hurts too much!

    I hope Suzy's prediction comes true. Are you hopeful? I had a prediction from her and she said October BFP - it didn't happen. Althought I had so many symptoms that month that I have managed to convince myself and DH that I was pregnant. We were very excited and talked about it like I was pregnant already . . .  what a pair of donkeys! Ha ha  She was right for some people so fingers crossed she was right about you!!!

    Suzy - how are you doing? I hope you are ok

    I would like to wish you both a very happy Christmas and I hope that all your wishes will come true in the New Year!

    Lots of love and hugs


    Judy xx

  • Hi Judy, I would like to be hopeful that Suzy will be right for us but I have read sooo many disappointments about her some came true but most not, although my friend was told bfp in Nov by Suzy and psychic123 and both were right, we will find out in about 5 wks I guess lol

    I'm not going to get my hopes up though well try not to.

    How are you feeling, are you all ready for tomorrow?

    Hope you have a great day and a great happy 2014


    How are you feeling now Suzy? Hope you have a great day tomorrow



  • Hi Girls!!  Hope you had a wonderful holiday season.  It was a sad few days for me...but I'm really starting to expect the negatives now...oh well. 

    I am CD12 today after doing ANOTHER round of Clomid...the clinic only re-opened today, and I had an appt this morning at 7am, but did not end up showing up.  I just had no energy.  I have another appt tomorrow morning for my bloods and follicle check.

    I was sick with nausea/diarrhea on the wknd, and then passed it onto my mom, which ended up in the hospital for a few hours after fainting and dehydration.  So...mind has been somewhere else for a bit. 

    We are doing another IUI this month, if the follicles are good enough. I am going to try not to take the Ovidrel shot, as I had a tonne of symtpoms last month and I believe it was because of that. 

    Wish I had better news over the holidays. Anyways - how are you both doing?  Natasha - which CD are you?  Anything yet? Hopefully the reading is right for you.  I have never done one. 

    SweetJudy - things are looking food!  2ww sucks!!  But you will get through it image

  • Hi ladies,

    Happy New Year - may this be the year when all our wishes come true!

    Suzy - don't give up honey, it is heart breaking when af turns up every month and only ladies that are desperately trying to conceive can truly understand the emotional pain and the heart ache. I am sorry to hear about the sickness bug, I hope you and your mum are both ok. IUI sounds like a plan, when can you start? Will you get IVF if the IUI treatment is unsuccessful?

    Natasha - how are you honey? Did you have a good Christmas?

    I got the shock of my life yesterday - I did a test on Tuesday morning and could swear that there was a line. I asked DH to look at it but he could not see it. I tested again yesterday and there is was, very faint. I went out to get some First Response tests yesterday and tested again this morning, the line is strong-ish image I cannot believe it and I am very scared and excited at the same time - BFP on New Years day! We were meant to start IVF treatment on Monday next week so I will have to let the clinic know and also the NHS started investigations on 30th December 2013. Miracles can happen!

    Love to you both and I hope that you can join me very soon. Hope you don't mind if I hang around this thread for a little bit longer image


  • Hi Suzy, I had a great xmas and new year thank you, hope you did too apart from the illness. How did your follicle tracking go today? I don't think I would have the trigger shot again if it did that to me too.

    I'm currently cd11 so pretty much on par with you, I don't have to have the tracking done now just the 7dpo bloods. I'm trying not to think too much about my psychic reading, of course im hoping to god it comes true but I've read so many she has got wrong but also some she has got right.

    Here's to 2014 being our year xxxx

    Judy you got that bfp CONGRATULATIONS I wonder if the soya helped along with the clomid your hubbie was taking? A lot of people seem to get a bfp right before starting IVF, maybe that's what I need to do lol

    Heres to a happy and healthy 9 mths for you


    PS your more than welcome to hang around here xxx

  • Hey Guys!!! I was trying to recover, as I got sick again the wknd after. I was ok during the week then it returned the Friday night and I was due for IUI on the Sunday. Anyways, I did the IUI, which was extremely painful, this doc didnt seem that knowledgeable. I was bleeding and had bad cramps the whole day. I'm pretty sure I saw all the semen come out. So i'm assuming this IUI did not work.

    I can test this coming sunday (the 19th) they did make me take the shot again (ovidrel) so i'm not sympton spotting at all, as I was super sad last month.

    Today I am 9DPO.

    I'm very happy for you Judy. What's meant to be will be. I don't know if I will do IVF. I've heard it's really painful. So how far along are you exactly? I'm assuming you have a darker BFP these days image))

    This is going to be my 3rd cycle with nothing...i'm saying nothing already (look at that positivity, LOL)

    Natasha - where are you at? What day? Any symptoms yet?

    And we'd love for you to stay and keep us up to date on ure pregnancy Judy image

  • Hi SUZY, sorry things haven't been going well for you with illness etc, how are you feeling now?

    Hopefully the IUI did take and you do get that bfp this month, only few days left before you can test.

    Im currently 5dpo no symptoms at all so not really expecting anything this cycle either image xxxx

  • Im feeling much better. But yes, don't really feel anything at all. I am 10DPO.

    So you are a few days behind me. Yayy! Hopefully you get something positive coming your way as well.

    I'm not expecting anything! I didn't like that doc at all. I never bled after an IUI before, nor did I even FEEL the first one.
  • Hi Suzy, do you feel any different in this 2ww or are you not trying to think about it?

    Im 6dpo today, have bloods done tomorrow but wont get results till Monday which by then ill be 10dpo.

    Fingers crossed for sunday for you xxx

  • Hey Natasha

    I don't feel any different during this 2WW.  Actually, feel totally normal.  Other then AF cramps (it seemed like - yesterday and today) sore breasts (but I always get that before AF).  Nothing different. 

    I did have a crazy amount of symptoms last month - and I took the Ovidrel shot this month too, but I haven't had any symptoms like I did last month.

    Ugh, don't you hate always having to go in for bloods.  I am getting very tired of it.  Here, they take blood almost daily after CD10 until you ovulate.  I am starting to hate rolling up my sleeve. 

    Yuppers - I'm trying not to think about it at all.  Just get more down when I do that.  I booked a trip for March, so I'm looking forward to that, and gives me something to think about, and take my mind off of it. 

    I don't think I will be getting a BFP this month due to the pain/bleeding after insemination this cycle....maybe that's why I am not symptom spotting, because I feel like in my head, I already know it didn't work.

  • Hi suzy how's things going for you, are you 12dpo now?

    A break sounds nice can I come and it's my birthday in March lol

    Don't think I could handle that many needles, I just have to have 1 a month for 7dpo bloods which is why I temp so I get them done on the right day.

    Your not out till af shows her ugly face.

    I have my fingers crossed for you xxx
  • Of course you could come!!! Hehehe

    Yes, that is why I am getting tired of it. It's tough...I am not enjoying the process at all anymore.

    I am currently 12DPO today image

    But feel totally fine, no diff, so i am expecting the witch.

    I will probably test tomorrow or Sunday morning. I have to go back into the clinic for more bloodwork (preg test) and to discuss options
  • I will have my bags packed and ready then in march haha

    It does get tiring after a bit, if the clomid doesn't work for us then it's game over as we can't afford IUI or IVF.

    Do you have any children or is this your first? You have probably already told me but there's lots of posts to look back through.

    What will you be doing after IUI and how many rounds can you have of it?

    Please keep me updated and here's hoping you get that bfp this month xxx
  • Thanks Natasha! I really hope it works for you as well.

    I have no kids, so it would be amazing to have a child. I guess only God can tell.

    Well, I plan to speak to my doctor on Sunday, if my preg test is negative and ask her what my next options are. IUI is $400 everytime we do it, once a month. (Not sure how much that would be for you) but it's quite costly on a monthly basis.

    I'm not sure what i'll do....i'm afraid of IVF. Wondering how painful that would be?
  • Morning Suzy, I've just thought if your in the US its a long way for me to come first for your break in march, plus it means I have to fly again for over 9hrs and I can't do that not after last time (I pooped myself from very very bad turbulence) lol

    Here in the UK I think $400 is around ??250 which is what I had to pay just for tracking scans so I'm assuming IUI is more expensive than that image We couldn't afford the scans each month so begged them to not have them each month and just when i start a different mg of clomid.

    I'm not sure how things work in the US but here in the UK if you have no children it's free on the NHS for everything and upto 3 tries of IVF too, I already have a 12yr old so can't get any help.

    Did you do a test this morning, when is your blood test today or tomorrow?

    I have been told this morning that my chart is looking triphasic which is meant to be good so fingers crossed.

  • Hi suzy how are you getting on xxx

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