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How long did it take to get pregnant after treatments?

I've been TTC for 10 months. My OBGYN has ran some tests on me and found I have immature follicles in my overies at the 6th month. He gave 3 rounds of Femara and no BFP. 
I Ovulate properly on time(Cd14) and have regular periods of 28days. 
Now Im on 1st round of clomid 150mg (Cd2-Cd5). This time I have 04 good follicles size 20,21,22,23mm.(02in Left &02in Right side). 
Also on Cd10 my Dr did a HSG X-ray test and it became normal (both tubes were clear). Also did a semen analysis on my hubby and its normal. 
Today is cd13 for me and hopefully trying. I really hope for the best since this is just after my HSG test with clear tubes and having 04 good follicles too. But i'm afraid this time also i would fail. 
I'm suffering a lot and I don't know what exactly the reason for not being pregnant? Anyone had a successful pregnancy after HSG+Clomid 150mg? 
It hurts a Lot when all are asking why I am not pregnant yet. They dnt knw anything abt what i am going through. Please help me to cope with this.

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