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chemical pregnancy/provera/clomid

Hi I've been reading posts on this site for months and find it reassuring and invaluable. I finally feel it's worth posting because I'm sure there's loads of women doing the same as I did I want them to know we're in the same confusing ttc boat even though we never post- just read. me and dh have been ttc for 25 months. All tests and referrals came back fine- I just wasnt ovulating! Never been pregnant :/ I had a dye/x ray thingy on 30th sept - clear with healthy ovaries etc and -ve pt to go with it. 2 weeks later on 10th oct we were overjoyed to be given provera to induce a bleed and on days 2-6 of af start clomid. 5 cycles worth woop! 'Awesome! Thats straight forward!' We thought. Hmm... Took the provera oct 15th -20th so I got af through the school hols (I teach and thought no af since march may make it horrific). But no af came! Bit the bullet on oct 29th with a opt- holy moly it was BFP!!! WITH IN 30 SECONDS!!! The thickest, most beautiful blue line i've ever seen. Had to have a cuppa and bourbon biscuit to calm down!! I was also feeling queasy, had lower cramps with shooting pains down my leg. Not like af! My boobs had been very sensitive for 3 weeks too. I was overjoyed but didnt want to get dh's hopes up. So I repeated later on- same thing! We were elated- this wasnt supposed to happen. We hadnt even started clomid yet! Went out bought good old clearblue digital and some multi vits. Digi showed BFP 2-3 WEEKS. After my dye x-ray!! The next day I got up in a daze... wretched up some acid in between putting makeup on to go to work (the 'true' experience had started image ) we were just giddy with anticipation. We swore not to tell anyone though 'just in case'. That evening, 24 hours after telling dh, I started bleeding- just one initial burst of fresh red blood when wiping (sorry tmi) Then nothing. And I knew then it was a chemical pregnancy. I broke it to my hubby. We sat and cried for a while. He held me. We were broken. Yesterday I got up- no nausea or cramping. Went to gp and got a faint +ve. Hcg had dropped. image gp confirmed my fears. I go back next week to do another test. so here I am, day 3 of chemical pregnancy- no pain, light bleeding (all the colours of the rainbow image) and slight mourning of what could've been. However there are positives which is why I'm posting- I read a shed load of info that the dye/x ray increases chances of bfp- in my case this was 100% true. I feel the dye shifted something out of my tubes which is why I was suddenly able to get pg. I read if you dont bleed on progesterone you're pregnant- also true. Also provera DOES NOT GIVE FALSE POSITIVES. Test people! I was only 4 weeks pg but I KNEW- sore boobs, sickness, strange non af cramps and travel sickness. You can tell this early! My advice given by gp about restarting with meds? Wait 3 weeks after stopping bleeding. If naturally start af take clomid days 2-6 as instructed. If no af take a hpt if -ve start the provera/clomid cycle as you shouldve done. me and dh know a cp is natural and from this we are sad our little couscous grain wasnt meant to be. How ever there are positives we are focusing on: we know we can get pregnant naturally now, i know what to look out for too, plus the cp isnt painful- just emotional. secret readers that dont post ... you arent alone. I've spent many hours reading these forums and they are awesome. Members: feel free to post your knowledge/experience of chemical pregnancy, clomid and provera below. Whether good or bad- what positives did you get going forward? Xxxxx


  • Hi louieee, ive just read your story and i can sort of relate. I was on the pill for 10 years no breaks no problems or anythin, i came off the pill about a year and half ago ttc, since then i havent had a period, well a natural one anyway image ive had to take provera to induce a bleed, and it has worked 3 times. Ive had 2 rounds of clomid so far, the first one worked and i ovulated, i nearly dropped the ovulation stick when it was positive!! The 2nd round didnt work, and i cant tell u how dissapointed i am image i dont kno why tho my body has let me down time and time again so i shudnt be so suprised. Ive had all the tests at the hospital done aswell including the hsg test, all came back fine. im currently just waiting for a bleed so i can start to take my 3rd round of clomid, i really dont think ill just bleed as a result of the clomid tho so i fully expect to have to take the provera to induce anutha bleed. I cant imagine what its like to go thru a chemical prganancy, and im really sorry for your loss. At least as u say u kno u can get pregnant naturally now, ive neva been pregnant before and thats a big fear of mine. I spose we have to try and stay positive tho dont we altho thts hard sometimes Xxxx 

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