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eurgh.... I need to vent.

I had a chemical pregnancy on tuesday. Only me n dh know. We've been ttc for over 2 years and were waiting for a progesterone bleed to happen so we could start clomid. It didnt start because after my dye xray we'd miraculously conceived- 4 very strong bfp's. We only knew for a day then I started bleeding image we were broken. I thought I was coping because I understand and I've accepted why it happened. but I've just had to leave the room because 4 of my friends are pregnant and they were discussing how 'easy' it was- 9 days off the pill for one couple (RIDICULOUS) and 5 weeks for the other. Its all happy happy baby talk. Eurgh. I feel broken. how can I sit through this stuff??! Im happy for them sure, but how do so many couples get through this immense pain and grief without being obvious something's wrong??! im still bleeding too. So thats extra salt in the wound- I'm bleeding out my pregnancy whilst having to be joyful of theirs. feel like a need some reassuring words or advice. thanks xxxxxc


  • so sorry for you. Its awful when everyone around you is pregnant i know. I've been ttc for 3years now and thought I really was this month but wasn't image rubbish isn't it. Lisa xxx





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