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Hello ladies me and hubby re ttc for more than a year and i've done blood tests which showed that i wasnt ovulating and i repeated the 21 day blood test and results are the same and today my doctor referred us to a fertility clinic im just wondering how long do we have to waait to have apoitment there and what is going to happend what do they check what tests do we have to do there .


  • Hi Mrs MB,

    Where about do you live? I think the waiting times are different throughout the UK. Just to give you an idea, we received the results from the SA at the end of November and received the appointment letter a week later. I booked the appointment for 30th December 2013. I live in the North so not sure if the waiting times will be the same in your area.

    Not sure what is going to happen at the first appointment, I am wondering about it myself. Some ladies say that they've had an internal scan during their first appointment. I guess it might be just an initial chat and maybe they will arrange for blood tests? We are dealing with a different issue - low sperm count - so they might not refer me for further tests . . .  not sure thou. I just want to get on the IVF list to be honest, I'm sick of waiting for nothing!

    How are you coping with everything?


  • I live in south in surrey ,i dont idea for the time that we have to wait hubs sperm count its normal the problem with us is that im not ovulating ,i hope that maybe clomid will do the work for us fingers crossed hopefully bfp's will be our christmas presents xxx

  • Hi image

    Yeah a Christmas BFP would be the best pressie ever!


  • yes sweet judy image 

    I'm excited now i feel like its the end of ttc journey imagenow we know what was worng whith us and prevented us from being pregnant  xx

  • Bless you image Hope the fertility clinic will be able to help both of us. I am also excited that things are moving forward, just a bit frustrated with all this waiting for one thing or another. I went to a private clinic and they did a blood test, still waiting for the results. I will go privately if the NHS waiting lists are too long image xxx

  • yeah sweet judy i know how you feel all the waiting that we have to do ,My hubby was thinking about going to private clinic but i thought maybe try it here first but maybe i dont need ivf maybe clomid work for me maybe i dont need much waiting i dont know yet until i see someone from fertility clinic ,but definitly im not ovulation  xxx

  • they will probably prescribe you Clomid to see how you get on. Have you tried Soya Isoflavounes at all? They say that it is the natural version of Clomid . . .

  • No i didnt try nothing i take pregnancare conception nothing else x

  • Its normally about 10 weeks for a fertility clinic appointment, thats what my dr said. I had my bloods taken monday gotta go back in few weeks for the results and my drs already made me a fertility/gyno appointment for february image cant wait! They told me they will do some tests on me and my other half. X
  • Did they take your blood tests again there ? Hope everything goes well khurstay x
  • Ive had bloods done at my drs and the hosp, i presume ill have them done at my fertility appointment in feb. Thanks, you too x
  • I received a letter today from fertility clinic and i have appoitment 19th of march nerly two months from now ,so are you doing khurstay x


  • Hi, we've been TTC baby 2 for over a year.  I've had 21 day blood test (normal), hubby has had his sperm tested (normal) and we've now been referred to the hospital. I picked up the referral letter on Thursday and arranged a choose and book appointment for less than 2 weeks later, it's a week Wednesday.

    I've no idea what to expect at the first appointment and am now starting to panic about what may be wrong.  When I had my son I ended up with quite a complicated emergency c-section so really worried some permanent damage has occurred as a result! 

  • Hi Mrs MB, 

    I live in Glasgow and I had to wait 7 months! just got my letter in yesterday and our appointment is April. I am excited but super nervous. I dont know what to expect. My OH has above average sperm count and they dont really know what is going on with me. All the blood test turned up normal and they tried to do a 21 day ovulation test but they lost it. My doc said nearer the clinic appointment I was to come back. 

    I am currently 9 days overdue my period (not in sync regularly but the last 4 have been regular-ish for me haha) 

    We are now into our 3rd year TTC. I am 25 and my partner is 28 this year. 

    Mollyrox I am panicking too. I have heard and read so many things. I hate when people say just wait and see nothing to worry about until they tell you, so im not going to say that. Im just going to say, I know how you are feeling and it sucks! 



  • hello Bookitty

    I had to change my appoitment for april wich sucks i waited for so long (it seems!) I had to do all the rubella immunity test wich came back negative and i need to take to shoots of vaccine the first one i took today and the other one is a month from today i was so frustrated because my gp told me that i need to change my appoitment for another date because by the time i'll go to the fertility clinic all this things have to be done and i have to wait like 6 weeks for appoitment with practise nurse imagine image.

    And today i meet with he practise nurse and i was talking to her she told me that i didnt need to change my appoitment she was surprised why my gp told me too.And she callled to fertility clinic to ask if there is any appoitments closer than 30th of april for me but unfurtunatly it wasnt but it was so lovely from her to call them and to tell me all this things that i need to do .

    And this feeling im panicking too i dont know what to wait .I think im not ovulating my progestrone levels was low ..

    God Luck Ladies 


  • 30th of april isnt so bad! I had to change my appointment in feb at the fertility clinic as i had something i couldnt get out of, an now i have to wait until the 25th of feb image which i suppose i should be greatful i got one at all as there hard to get, takes 10 weeks to book one! X
  • Hello girls, me and my dh had our first clinic appt last week. We have been ttc over two years with no luck at all. All our tests came back normal. At the clinic, a nurse weighed and measured me and then we saw the consultant, who said at this stage we have "unexplained infertility". He asked us some lifestyle questions about drinking and smoking, whether my periods are regular, discussed our test results a bit and then said I would need to go back for an ultrasound of my tubes to make sure they are working. If that comes back fine we will be proceeding with ivf. He talked to us about what we will get on the nhs and that was it. I expected that I would be poked and prodded quite a lot as I had also heard a few stories, but it was ok. The prodding will be at my next appt, but the consultant has explained what will happen and the ladies on here are also lovely and reassuring. 

    Hope all your appts go well and that you get your bfps really soon!

  • Good luck Octarine , my problem is that im not ovulating maybe I have pcos x I dont know everything is going on my mind but I have two more weeks to go to clinic I hope he prescribes me clomid to make me ovulate I waited so long now x
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