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Anyone remember me? X

Hi ladies I have been hanging around this site for a long time now. 3 years to be exact image me and hubbie have decided no more fertility treatment and really hoping we can fall naturally. I'm wishing 2014 is our year!! I have pics but only on my right ovary , left is all clear apparently. If any ladies have any tips with trying to conceive when having pcos then please share xxxx Thankyou xxxxxxxxxxx


  • Sorry that's I have pcos ** on my right ovary xx
  • Good luck Hun here's to 2014 being ur year x

  • Hey, i remember your name image ive been on here now for about a year and half. Im on my 3rd round on clomid. The first round made me ovulate but i didnt fall. The 2nd round didnt work and i really was devastated. it gets harder and harder. One of my close friends announced she was going to start trying then 2 months lata bam shes pregnant. life just isnt fair Is it image

    anyway i was just writing to say hello and wish u all the best for 2014 xx 

  • Thanks ladies... Every month it gets harder, my fertility clinic wants to forward me for IVF now and I have an appointment in January with my consultant to get the ball rolling but hubbie dosnt want to go he didn't want any more fertility treatment image we agreed to have a year off... It's really hard image xx
  • I would say go for the IVF if its free.  Why not?  I went though it a coupel of years ago and its really not that bad.  It takes about 6 weeks from what i remember.  Isnt that worth it if it means you might get a baby?  it didnt work for us and we had to self fund as we already had a DD.  (thankfully fell pregnant 2 months after failed IVF so now have 2 DD).  Anyway, dont hang around, just go for it.

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