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Implantation bleeding?

Hi ladies, most of you all know me on here, I've been hanging around for a long time image but hopefully not long now image have a question , had a little bit of colouring in my knickers today like a light brown smudge of something. Period was 11th December so could this be implantation ???? I'm at the edge of my seat here. If it's not my body's playing horrible tricks on me image when do you normally get implantation ? Xxx


  • I got ib around 6-8dpo as got my bfp then had the brownish discharge n got upset but luckily lines got darker. I carried on bleeding on and off till 10 weeks but never did find out why x GL x

  • So do u think this could be implantation? X
  • It's very likely especially if u don't normally get any spotting image do u know how many dpo u r? X

  • Well I have pcos but my last cycle was around 35 days and that's really good for me. This cycle started on 11th December I did feel like I was ovulating around 23/24 December. X
  • Hope it is implantation hun ,could well be ,  have everything crossed for you , would be fab to start the new year with your long awaited bfp  , good luck x x

  • Thank you so much for your kind words, took a test this afternoon and negative . Don't know if it's to early. I really hope it's not just my body playing tricks xx
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