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confussed with lap and dye results

hi ladies

im having so much trouble getting my head around things!!

I think I should start with a bit of back ground info so the maybe someone can help me figure this mess out!!!

ive been with my hubby for 6 years, we been married 2 years may. after a year together we got engaged, so after a afew months of being engaged we decided to stop using contraception as we had decided to spend the rest of our live together and having a family was what we both wanted, we didn't set out as ttc but if it happened we would be happy and excited as we both wanted children and would be happy whenever it happened. now 4 and half years later still nothing, not even a late period to get excited about!

the last year has been emotionally draining for me. I told myself that if I wasn't pregnant by xmas 2012 that I would go to the doctors and ask for some advice and help on the matter. so xmas came and so did my period regular as clock work, so that was it enough was enough, i waited till jan 13 to get back to normal then i went to see my gp, i explained everything and he sent me for some internal tests on my ovaries a scan and hormone blood tests, i also had a smear test aswell. smear test came back fine, but the internal scan on my ovaries showed pcso and he said that my hormone level was low so refer me to a gyne con at the hospital. i finally got an appointment for april 13 a long wait but i just kept thinking its one step further, i went to the appointment and my dr had not sent over my files from my scan and blood results. as u can imagine i was gutted. the consultant said that theres not a lot she can do with out them but told me to have the ovulation test thing done (bloods taken on 2nd and 21st day of cycle) then she left me with her male understudy. he wasn't very nice at all. he did some internal tests sort of like a smear and said wait to here from us then sent me on my way. i was gutted i didn't know what had just happened its was really weird. i got my next appointment for july yet again it was the consultants understudy but this time she was female and a bit more plesant i was told that im ovulating fine, that i have pcos but that doesn't stop me conceiving , and my hormone levels were fine, so from blood tests and basic internal tests she could not see why i wasn't conceiving, so the next step was to test hubby,(he has a 7 year old form prev relationship so we didn't even think he would have a problem) so we did the sperm test on him waited again for an appointment so we went back in September, hubby was fine 21 million count which was average for his age (40) im 29. so they gave me the option the ultrasound scan with the dye or a lap and dye test. ultrasound none surgical lap and dye surgical. i asked what was the best option and she she the lap and dye was the gold service as it can show up a lot more than just having a scan, she said if the ultrasound didn't show anything up then i would have to have done anyway, so i just gave my concent to the 20 min op. i had waited 9 months to get this far so instead of prolonging it i just opted for that. she said the waiting list is no longer than 4 months. i was shocked but said ok. as i was signing the concent forms i asked her about ivf she point blank said there is no way i would get funding for ivf as my hubby as already got a child, at his point i felt my heart break and burst into tears, i said how can that be, i don't have a child and my right of being a mother is taken away from me because of funding and the fact that my husband is already a parent so i have to miss out on having a baby, because i married a man with a child. all she said to that was its the law now. i was in bits i still am. anyway i waited for my appointment again. it came it was for 23rd dec 13 for lap and dye, i went for the pre op assmennt and all was fine so i we


  • The end of your message is missing is think.  But i wanted to say that we had self funded IVF after trying for 2nd child for 4 years and it FAILED.  I then fell pregnant naturally only 2 months after that so we actually wasted £4.5k and if we had just waited a bit longer......  So dont give up hope, it sounds like everything so far is fine with you and your hubby and its just taking a bit longer to fall pregnant.  keep trying and it will probably happen eventualy for you.  Good luck. x.

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