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Young & healthy (ttc month 13)

This is our 13th month of trying unsuccessfully. I'm 25, my husband 26. We're both healthy (don't drink alcohol, never smoke, don't drink caffeine, take vitamins/supplement, not overweight or underweight, eat mostly organic.) My cycles are very regular ranging from a whopping 26-28 days. We've been timing BD for 13 months and monitoring my CM; so we're not shooting in the dark. We're both non-profit youth directors and have been for a couple of years; neither of us have worked jobs that could compromise our reproductive health. For the past few cycles I've been using EPO and preseed and have even been keeping my legs up afterward. Heck, I don't even risk eating peas anymore. I've done OPKs in the past but haven't done them regularly. I read that your luteal phase doesn't change, and if that's in fact the case, my ovulation should be in the relatively same place every cycle. I've done everything short of temping (there's no bb thermometers in any of our local drugstores, and I'm hesitant to spend more money after Christmas just ended) and going to the doctor (our insurance is in the process of switching). I'm not stressing over it, believe it or not, but I do desperately want a baby, and the end of each cycle is disheartening. Ps. My mother was infertile for 12 years. After 12 years, the doctor told her that her "tubes were naturally tied like a pretzel" and that without major surgery she mostly likely would never conceive and that if she DID have the surgery it only would raise her chances to 10%. She ended up conceiving naturally that cycle without surgery (me) then my brother two years later. Now, every other woman (aunts, cousins, grandparents, etc.) conceives/conceived effortlessly. Any help, advice, encouragement would be appreciated.


  • Hi, sometimes it doesnt matter how healthy you and your partner are there could be a genetic issue that you dont know about it.  Thats how it was for us.  We found out some of our issues though genetic testing and one major problem only came to light during our IVF cycle (failed).  Thankfully we have two beautiful girls naturally concieved (miracle considering all our problems).  Anyway, my point is that you might have to get referred to your local fertility clinic for some testing but at least when that happens you feel like something is happening.  Good luck.

  • I'm hoping to go this month, but my new job hasn't applied our insurance yet. I just wanted to know if there was anything else natural I could possibly try until I can get to the doctor.
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