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hycosy, now what?

Hi Ladies just after a bit of advice

Me and my partner have been ttc for 18 months now. It will be both of our first baby.After doing my day 2 and day 21 blood tests my doctor referred us to the fertility clinic although he said my bloods seemed ok (i dont really know what he meant by that and he didnt elaborate) anyway it was a 2 month wait for the appointment and we went in Nov. At the clinic the consultant lovely an explained as much as he could. After some routine prodding and poking he sent me away with more blood tests for over the following two months and an appointment for a hycosy scan. He also requested a semen sample from my partner ( his turned out to be all fine) 

So i went for my Hycosy 2 weeks ago and the woman said my tubes were perfectly fine, although i have a very wonky and twisted womb which she says will not cause any problems trying to conceive.She also said there was a corpus luteum on each ovary which she explained is what is left after ovulation which suggests i had ovulated from both ovaries? However she then said it looked like they had matured but not burst which then suggests i never ovulated? im a little confused over this as i thought a corpus luteum only came after ovulation had occured?

After my hycosy AF was 10 days late, my cycles usually vary from 33-39 days but never that long and when it arrived it was nothing like my regular AF! I was spotting for a few days (this never happens) and bled properly for 1 day and also had clotting which also never happens.

My next appointment at the clinic isnt until Feb and im just wondering whether i should book in to see my gp before then and maybe he will perscribe me clomid or should i just wait until my next appointment with consultant? maybe im being a little impatient, i just dont want to drag this out any longer.

has anyone had any similar experiences and know what will the next stage be for me?

anyones cycles been messed up after a hycosy?

also any insight to the corpus luteum situiation?


thank you image xxx sorry for rambling haha xxx

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