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Low sperm count.. What can we do?

My husband and I have been trying for 13 months with no success. My Dr said to start with a SA and the results came back at 1.3mil sperm count. We are devasted! The Dr said we most likely never conceive on our own image iui may not even be an option with a sperm count that low and we cannot afford ivf. I have been trying to research HOW TO INCREASE SPERM COUNT.. He is healthy, excersises everyday, doesn't smoke or drink. There are so many reccomendations for rx, supplements and herbs I don't know where to start! Can you tell me what your DH is taking and at what dose or frequency and if it resulted in a BFP? Thank you for any suggestions or help!


  • Hello Cindy,

    My DH was diagnosed with a low sperm count problem in November - the result was less than a million and it resulted in a referral to the fertility clinic. 

    He increased his count from

  • Hello Cindy,

    My DH was diagnosed with a low sperm count problem in November - the result was less than a million and it resulted in a referral to the fertility clinic. 

    He increased his count from less than 1 million to over 6 million in just 1 month and is now over 20 million

    This is what he took:

    50mg Clomid daily (for 3 months - 25 days on 5 days off)

    1mg Arimidex daily for 3 months


    1 gram Vitamin C

    1 gram L-Arginine

    400mg Folic acid

    200iu Selenium

    15mg Zinc

    400ui Vitamin E

    75mg Aspirin

    1 gram Goji Berries

    1 gram Siberian Ginseng

    The clomid and arimidex are prescription only in the UK and your doctor will most likely not give it to you. But if you know anyone going to Turkey or a Greek island on holiday they are available over the counter for around £15 for 3 months supply!

    Also DH can take HCG injections 2 a week @ 250ui for 3-4 months you should easilly get pregnant whilst he is on HCG. Again prescription only but available overseas over the counter

    If you want more info on the clomid/arimidex/hcg send me a private messageimage

    We had our first appointment at the private clinic on 30th December and I got my BFP on New Years Day image One month into Clomid and Arimidex and we got a BFP. DH took all those vits for almost 3 months before I got pregnant but I strongly believe that we can thank Clomid for this much wanted BFP.

    Also, has your DH ever taken steroids? They reduce sperm count drastically, but Clomid will fix it!



  • Coconut water! Hubby increased sperm count by drinking coconut water for a month. My grandmother is Spanish so she has a lot of old fashioned beliefs..she advised us coconut water and it worked. image Good luck to everyone! Hang in there.

  • Hi cindy x my other half has had three sperm samples done all of them were below average at 14million and werent good swimmers, we done the usual, not too much excersise, keep cool, no more saunas no really hot showers but nothing improved it, iv got issued myself with blocked tube and wasnt ovulating so his sperm count added to our bad luck, i seen a really old thread on here and read it and all the woman said wellman conceptoon tabs helped there men, thot it wouldnt hurt to try, john took them for three months had another test they went from 14mil to 106mil ! I always get his from my local tescos but id imagine u can get them at any pharmacy x gd luck xx
  • Hi I'm in the same boat ttc 2yrs hubby low sperm count below 5mil as reversal 2 yrs ago, refusednhs ivf I've had my own problems tubes unblocked with hcg waiting for first month on clomid, but fertility nurse out hubby on cocktail of vits, c, e & a selenium and zinc, I'm 24 hubby 46 been together 7 yrs dont where to turn or what to do as this whole process is a daily rollercoster than doesn't stop, here's hope for clomid amd vitamins !! Also try accup

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  • there're a few tips to increase sperm count, like having intercourse once per three days, keeping special diet, taking vitamins and excluding all addictive habits. you may search these tips on google. if nothing helps, you may use ivf with icsi procedure. they inject sperm directly into the egg and then transfer in to your uterus. we used icsi in our surrogacy program, because sperm mobility was very low. it helped. 

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