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Ok so I have been TTC for almost 2 years now... I got off of birth control pills to TTC after getting off the pill in the past 2 years i have only had maybe 5 periods. 2 of which were brought on my provera pills... my gyno finally did a uterine biopsy and i have polyps. which its not a big deal because many girls get them but i did have the surgery to remove it. still have not had a period or been able to get pregnant so I know that the polyps were not affecting my ability to do so... I have also done ovulation tests and am just not ovulating. I asked my gyno if i could try clomid and she told me that she is unable to prescribe it and she suggests that i go to a fertility doctor to get it. well fertility specialists are not covered by my insurance and just the consultation is well over 500$

I have been doing a lot of research and am thinking about buying clomid online from a foreign pharmacy and trying it myself for a few months before trying a fertility specialist. I am not asking to be judged or anything for thinking this. If anyone has experienced clomid please let me know your story and if anyone knows of legit foreign pharmacies please give me the url... thank you

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